2. In the blink of an eye

“Assalamu alaykum sleepy heads, rise and shine. It’s already half past eleven and we’ve got loads to do.”

Uggh, that was my mothers over chirpy morning voice, waking us up. I for one, was not a morning person but today, I didn’t argue as I knew that there was still a lot of Azizah’s wedding prep to do.

One by one each person made their way down to the kitchen and as usual I was the last. I stood at the entrance and saw Azizah’s three friends, Zaynub, Ayesha and Hafsa seated at the table while our cousins Milhana and Mahdiya were helping mum to make breakfast.

Me: Assalamu alaykum, is everybody ready to tackle work today?

Mum: Walaykumus salaam, y’all better be, I’ve got a list of things to do and I need it done today so I hope y’all are willing to pitch in and get some hard work done.

Zaynub: No problem, please tell us what to do.

Mum: Ok , I need a few girls to go and fetch chairs and tables from the garage, and set them up. Then I need baking accessories, so if anyone can get it by late afternoon it would be just perfect. Aziza also needs to go for her dress fitting and I think she wants someone to accompany her.

Ayesha: Ok, so how about I go with Zaynub and Hafsa and we’ll sort out the tables.

Aziza: No problem, Maleeha, will you come with me?

Me: Ok, then on the way back we can get the baking accessories.

Mum: Jazakallah so much, and in the meantime Milhana and Mahdiya, can y’all help me with some baking for later?

Immediately after breakfast Aziza and I left the house, reading our duas and set of to get the shopping done before heading over to the tailor.

Image result for dua for travelling

Aziza who was her usual bubbly self all this while had become very quite, I glanced at her and noticed the expression on her face.

“Aziza are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes..no…actually I don’t know,”replied Aziza.” It’s just that what if I’m not good enough for him, what if he is expecting a totally different personality, what if i dont treat him correctly, what if…. what if…”

“Woah!! Aziza, calm down! You made your istikhara, so don’t worry, leave everything in Allah’s hands and he will help you through. If you still have fears then go and read 2 rakaats salaah and ask Allah to remove your fear, help you through everything and to grant you a happy life. Inshallah you will feel better then.”

By now we had reached and Aziza turned to me saying, ” Jazakallah soo much for the advice, I guess I wasn’t thinking straight.”

I turned to her with a cheeky grin and said “Don’t worry that’s what sisters are for and Hamza is really lucky to have you as a wife.”

We walked into the tailor laughing and joking about how lucky Hamza is and soon we were ready to leave.

Just then Aziza got a call from Mum. I waited with her before going out to the car only to see the phone drop from her hand as she falls to the floor………


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