3. Forbidden!

“Mama had made sure you were well educated in both Islamic and secular knowledge. You’re great with technology, you’re a black belt in karate and you already know your way around the kitchen.

There are two areas however, that you are lacking in. Social skills, which if I’m not mistaken mama is trying to sort out by organising pen pals for you and that to out of the country. She said you’ll soon learn the way of the locals and they sadly not very accepting, so she felt abroad is better.

The other area is observation skills. You haven’t been out of the house, you used to being in your comfort zone and always being safe. The world out there is not so safe so you need to beable to always be on the lookout for danger.

Don’t tell Abbaas anything. Go get dressed and don’t forget your niqaab. I’m taking you somewhere that will Insha Allah help you to learn and master this skill.” I got ready and came outside only to see Dihya standing with our bicycles. “We cycling?” I questioned.

“Yeah, the place I’m taking you to is not very near so it will be easier and faster to cycle and I think this is a safer option than walking for you.” He said while putting on his helmet. We read our duas and set off.


Image result for dua when travelling

Pulling up to an abandoned looking building, he stopped infront of the gate. “What can you tell me about this place?” He questioned.

“I don’t know. It’s big. It’s abandoned. It’s probably falling down inside.”

“That’s all?” He questioned not giving anything away.

“It looks fun to explore but it looks kinda scary, not exactly haunted but something like that and…it got a rusting gate and… The paint is peeling and… I don’t know, I give up.

“Don’t stress, I just wanted to show you that there’s generally more to everything than meets the eye. I didn’t really expect you to get all right because trust me these people are experts. This is just an illusion that they tried to create.

I hope I’m not doing the wrong thing bringing you here. Abbaas will kill me if he knows. Maybe this is really a bad idea. Let me explain what this place really is like and then we’ll go home. If we go inside we’ll really be treading dangerous territories.

Look at the place nicely. Do you see any animals around? No? That’s a sign that it’s not as abandoned as it looks. If it was truly abandoned then this place would be infested with animals especially rats.

You haven’t noticed that this place has cameras. Look carefully there and there and there.” He said pointing it out to me.

“Look closely at the paint. It sort of has a pattern to it. If the paint began peeling on it’s own it wouldn’t have followed a pattern. Some one purposely peeled the paint of this building to give you the illusion that it’s abandoned.

From all of this I’m sure you understand that the interior of this place is very maintained. Something that you can’t see from the outside but I’ve been inside so I know that this place is enormous. It looks big on the outside. Multiply that by 2 floors undergound and you’ll get what I mean.

Please don’t tell Abbaas anything. If he asks, tell him we went cycling. If he asks where, then just say you don’t know. You really don’t know what this place is anyway. Come, time to go back home.”

I went home even more confused than I was when I left. What exactly was Dihya trying to show me?


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