3. Typically Teen

imagesI leaned back thinking about my day. Oh well, what had passed of my day. I could hear the rythmical drip of the tap behind me. I closed my eyes the memories going through my brain.
Every teacher that asked my name, not recognizing me.
Drip drip…..
The last lesson just before lunch break, where some of the boys had teased me, saying they already knew what I looked like.
Drip drip…….
The guy who called me a terrorist.
Drip drip…….
The friendly group this morning.
“Excuse me.” My thoughts were broken with the voice calling out. Yet I didn’t think it was addressing me.
I jumped in shock as some one brushed against me, tightening the tap behind me. Stupid! I chided myself, you should have closed it ages ago. The girl, who I now recognized as one from my huge class stepped in front of me.
“Bonjour, I’m Olivia,” she greeted “Nice to meet you……..” she stopped,waiting for my name, however I was too lost in my thoughts of chiding myself thus not hearing her.
I finally looked at her, realizing what was happening as she spoke again. “Nice to meet you niqaabi.”
I was too stunned to answer as she spoke in a voice exactly like our english teacher’s, even using  hand actions like she did.
“Uhmm are you related to Miss Lee, her daughter by any chance?” I asked.
She looked at me for a second before going off into peals of laughter.
I stared at her, her voice had sounded just like Miss Lee’s just now. Now it sounded hoarse and rough. I looked at her confused and she laughed even more. “Ohh, your face!” she gasped out.
“What did you say?” she asked in Miss Lees voice after finally managing to contain her laughter. I repeated my question and she laughed again. “Did it ever occur to you to think that it’s Miss Lee not Mrs?” she asked through bursts of giggles. Gosh I never thought of that.
Embarrased, I opened my mouth to apologize but she was already laughing away again and this time her laughter sounded totally horrendous.
I covered my ears to block out the sound of her laughter which only made her laugh even more, though thankfully she laughed normally this time. “Now could you please answer my question?” I asked politely “After that laugh, I’m even more convinced that you’re related to Miss, even if you may not be her daughter.”  Miss Lee was an english teacher with a weird sense of humour, who loved changing her voice to make us laugh.
“Why would we be related?” She asked innocently. I glared at her before proceeding to mimick her hand actions, while talking exactly like her. I ended of with an imitation of her horrendous laugh. This time, she was the one covering her ears.
“I did not sound like that,” she protested.
“Did,” I said
“Well you were marvellous at imitating me also,” she pointed out.
“Where’d you learn to imitate Miss Lee so perfectly like that?” I asked curiously.
“Perfect, huh?” She smirked. “Well, I do drama as an extra curricular activity after school.” She paused and then said dramatically, “With Miss Lee.”
I laughed.
 “Coming back to the point of our discussion……” She continued, “You should join in the classes, you’re quite good at it!”
“No ways.”
“You should,” she insisted.
“Maybe I’ll think about it.” I groaned. What had I got myself into? I hadn’t signed up for any activities after school. I guess it was because I wasn’t into it as much as I had been last year.
Olivia cut through my thoughts, “Gosh, look at the time, we’d better run before we’re late.”
“Great!” I groaned as I followed her out towards the bathroom door.
She stopped at the door “Umm niqaabi..” She said hesitantly.
“Thanks for the great laugh,” She smiled cheekily, “Friends right?” She asked holding out her hand.
I grinned. “Friends,” I said taking her hand.
She laughed “Well, now that we’re friends niqaabi, I might just want to remind you…..” She trailed off pointing to the niqaab in my hand. I slapped my forehead, “Gosh how could I forget?”
I quickly tied it on as we left the bathroom together.
“Umm niqaabi, I’m warning you.” She muttered as we entered the classroom. “Don’t laugh.”
“Why?”I asked curiously.
“It’s Miss Lee’s english lesson.”

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