4. Typically Teen

I plonked myself at the first desk that I saw, which was thankfully next to a window. I offered a quick smile to my desk mate who just looked at me as if I was an alien from outer space. I shrugged my shoulders and turned to look out the window. Oh well, she could do what she wanted.

Miss Lee entered the class with a cheery “Bonjour,” and everyone mumbled back. Clearly nobody was in the mood of doing English. We had all figured by now that if we acted tired she wouldn’t give us too much work and would go through the lesson normally without too much acting and laughter.

“Today we will be starting with the English language of other countries.” Everyone looked on seeming a bit more interested. “You’ll find that the language is almost the same, except for the fact that others have different accents. Do you all know what an accent is?” Every one nodded.

I thought about my own weird accent.

“Okay, can anyone tell me what accent they have?”  As I raised my hand to answer. I saw something and screamed. There on my desk was a beetle walking over my books.

“Aahhhhhh.” I screamed even louder. By now the whole class was looking at me.”There’s a beetle!” I gasped.

 The whole class errupted into laughter, While my not so friendly desk partner picked it up with her fingers, yes her fingers. She stopped, purposefully dangling the beetle in my face causing me to scream out again. By now the entire class was in fits of laughter. Miss Lee loudest of all.

“Funny, that you should get someone from China.” She grinned, “Since they eat those things that you’re so afraid off.” Everyone looked at her confused.

“What do you mean China?” someone asked.

Miss Lee smiled. “I am giving you all homework, I have found a pen-pal from a different part of the world for each of you.You all have to write a letter to them. You will hand it in to me, for checking and marking. I will then post it for you afterwards. I have of course made sure that your pen-pal resembles you a bit in religion and lifestyle. Whether you continue after that or not is your choice, but you have to hand this one in to me because I repeat it’s for marks.”

Everyone patiently waited as Miss Lee handed out our pen pals addresses as well as names.

“Please don’t let it be a chinese who eats insects,” I muttered under my breath, my phobia for insects clearly getting the better of me.

Miss Lee handed it to me, “Dont worry, I doubt she eats insects.” She said with a wink. I looked at the paper. It had the name Layya Ma along with her address. A chinese address.


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