4. In the blink of an eye

A few days later, Hamza was still no where to  be found. His family was becoming frantic and this was making Aziza more and more unhappy.

As much as she tried to socialise, even in the house it was still a mission to her and she had lost the old bubbly spark in her.

One day I became very worried when she even refused to come out of her room to eat and phoned up her friend Zaynub.

“Assalamualaykum” I said.

“Wa alaykumus salaam, how are you? And how’s Aziza holding up?” she asked.

“Not too good…Actually, that’s why I called you, are you busy today?” I asked her.

“Nope, I dont think so, give me a second to check with my mother.” she replied.

Coming back to the phone she said, “I’m free. Do you want me to come over?”

“I don’t know,” I replied,”you decide but just a suggestion, why don’t you get your friends together and take Aziza out of the house?”

“Ok then I’ll call Hafsa and Ayesha and find out, then I’ll call you back on the house phone, ok? then plan one complete, because she’ll have to come to the phone.”

Seriously, this girl was a genius!

“Jazakallah soo much Zaynub.” I said happily

“No problem,” she replied, “Speak to you soon insha allah, Assalamu alaykum.”

“Wa alaykums salaam.” I replied heading downstairs. I realised that I had to make so much of shukr in my life for not having being tested with anything bad. Ok …helping Aziza was a test for me but compared to what other people went through, this sounded like a small problem, even though Aziza was taking it bad.

A while back Aziza and I went shopping together and as we were laughing over something, an old lady randomly came up to us with a sad smile and said, “Make shukr for each other. Don’t let petty issues drive your’ll apart, because later on in life, you will regret it, and most importantly try to forgive and forget.”

Image result for sayings of family ties images

My father also frequently mentioned to us, that we should always check that our family ties were not broken by any petty issues, he then went on to mention that anybody who breaks family ties should seek forgiveness from them before 3 days had passed otherwise this person will be deprived entry into jannah, should he pass away without reconciling.

But seriously, why break family ties….I mean even if I had an argument with sombody, I would miss all the good times I had with them, more than that I would miss them.

The phone ringing broke me out of my chain of thaughts, it was once again Zaynub and like we had planned, she asked for Aziza. Calling Aziza to the phone I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, hoping that Aziza would agree to go out with her friends.

Nobody could make Aziza do what she did not want to do, because Aziza had a stubborn streak within her. Nobody could change her mind once it was made up.

Luckily she agreed to join her friends and within half an hour she was gone, leaving me alone in the house….


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