5. Typically Teen

Dear Layya


My name is Saadiqah Hussein and I’m from Canada. I am fifteen and in grade nine. I only have 1 sibling, a brother who at the moment is studying in China.

My parents are two sweet souls who love to spoil me a lot. I guess being an only daughter has its perks.

I don’t really have any hobbies or favorites, but I do have one dislike: insects. I can’t stand ever being close to or even seeing an insect. My hatred for them goes far back to the time when I was five. My cousin who’s a few years older than me decided that he needed to have a collection of insects, any insect he found was captured and put into a container or box and was fed according to their habit. All went well until he decided that he needed to tame the insects to come to him when he called. Weird, I knew most people taught dogs or cats to come to them but insects? I wasn’t too sure. When I voiced my opinion on it he got very angry and refused to talk to me. Well what happened after that was that he decided to show me who’s boss. One day he quietly without me knowing put one of his weird insects on me. When I saw it I began to scream! It unfortunately scared the insect into biting me!

What puzzles me though is how on earth do some people eat insects?

So what about you? Are you a real Chinese or do you just reside in China? Do you have Chinese eyes? Do you, like most Chinese people I have heard of, eat insects?

The other different thing about me is that I wear niqaab, my English teacher told me that you also wear it. It will be nice to know someone else who wears it as, besides my mother I don’t know anyone. Hope to hear more about you soon.



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