1. Flawless Facade


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Before you read this, I would recommend that you read LOST! first as this is a spin-off to LOST!

Walking into school on a Monday morning after our study break had me dealing with an onslaught of emotions. They ranged from excitement at the thought of of our upcoming graduation to sentimentality at the thought of leaving this place and all its memories behind.

In order to make this year more memorable as well as fight the dreaded Monday blues, Adilah came up with the idea of testing the limits of how much I could get away with. According to her, being a Niqaabi allows me to get away with murder.

Obviously that’s not true but… since I’m the only niqaabi in the entire school, everyone is either fascinated or wary of me. This along with the fact that I’m friends with practically all the girls here, allows me to get away with a lot of things.

Only one problem there, I have so many friends that I can’t remember most of their names. Luckily Husna is generally around to remind me or I think I would have lost all those friends a long time ago.

I dumped my bag in class and began making my way towards the bathroom. There’s still 15 minutes left for school to start. I wonder what todays dare will be. Spying Adilah and Husna, I held my arms open awaiting a hug.

“Guess whose turn to dare you today?” Husna teased.

I sighed in relief when I realised it was Husna. Husna is quite a softie so she won’t give me anything too bad. I’d take Husna any day over Adilah, that girl scares me sometimes!

Husna pulled out a deadly red matte lipstick from her pocket and questioned, “Ready?”

I should have known. It sometime seems as if Husna thinks the world revolves around beauty products. “Not fair, Why does everything suit you?” Husna said with a cute frown of concentration on her face as she applied the lipstick for me. “You have to go sit in the grade five class, without your Niqaab of course because there’s only small boys there. Don’t worry, they have Muallimah Zaheera in the first period. I checked.”

I began tying my Niqaab and turned around to leave the bathroom.

“Wait! We not done with you,” Adilah shouted out.

‘I should run and act as if I didn’t hear,’ was the first thought that ran through my mind. Unfortunately my feet took longer to react than my mind and Adilah was already gripping my arm tightly in order to prevent me from escaping.

“Husna, Lipstick.” She commanded.

We both looked on in confusion as she began applying a thick coating of lipstick to her lips.

“You do know that there is no way the teachers are going to allow you in class like that?” Husna questioned.

I froze in shock as the next thing I knew, I had two dark lipstick kisses on my cheeks and a smirking Adilah was blotting the excess lipstick from her lips. “Now you can go. Please wipe that shocked expression from your face first before you give everything away. Now hurry, 7 minutes left for the bell.”


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