6. In the blink of an eye

It was all his fault for listening to her demands in the first place. Now I don’t even get to see my niece, and she doesn’t even know that she has other family.”

These words echoed again and again in my head, until finally I became frustrated, grabbed my phone and walked out of the house while calling Kausar. Answering on the third ring she said, “Assalamu alykum, missing me already?”

” Walaykumus salaam, listen Kausar are you busy? Can you meet me at milky-lane by the beach?…..I need to talk to someone urgently.”

“Sure, no problem, see you there. Assalamu alaykum,” she replied.

” Walaykumus Salaam,” I said cutting the call. About 5 minutes later I reached milkylane and turned into a parking.

While waiting for Kausar I walked around aimlessly, trying to clear my mind only to feel myself stumble on something and fall toward the floor. I closed my eyes only to feel myself jerked back up, preventing me from hitting the floor.

I turned around slowly to see who or what had saved me, only to find myself staring into the most gorgeous eyes.

“Hey beautiful,” I heard him murmur ” you ok?”

I quickly stepped back mumbling that I was grateful for him saving me and rushed off, but stopped a split second later when I noticed Kausar standing behind, smiling in amusement.

Embarassing, was not the word to describe how I felt. Seriously, could this day get any worse?


Walking over to her I greeted her and we decided to buy ourselves ice creams and take a walk on the beach.

After a while, we got tired of walking so we sat down on the sand Kausar asked: “So what’s up? You sounded pretty desperate on the phone, and I doubt you were going to call me, just to see you trip and get caught by the man of your dreams.”

Me: “Please man, my mind was clouded, you should have known that would happen.”

Kausar: ” Nope, stop denying that you just wanted him to catch you.”

Me: “Kausar……”

Kausar: “Seriously, I saw how you were looking at him.”

Me : ” Heyy!!!…….”

Kausar: ” And I noticed he was following you for a long time.”

Me: “Listen…..”

Kausar: ” I mean, anyone could’ve seen he was trying to get your attention, but you were too blind to notice it.”

Me: ” KAUSAR…….. Stop it now!!! and how long were you following me for?”

Kausar: ” Only long enough to see you fall and to see Mr gorgeous catch you…..But seriously you should have seen your face when you looked at him…..”

Gosh!! this girl was getting on my nerves.

Me: “Right when you get over your Mr gorgeous please let me know, on second thoughts you can come find me again.”

I got up and started walking away only to find myself falling AGAIN!

Picking myself up I turned and looked at Kausar, casually looking out towards the sea.

Me: “what was that for?”

Kausar: ” what? ”

Me: ” why did you trip me?”

Kausar: “uhhhh…….Coz I wanted to see Mr gorgeous catch you again? pity he wasn’t here.”

Me: “seriously, is that your excuse? Remind me again how did we become friends?”

Kausar and I had two completely different personalities. Kausar was daring, bold and loved to irritate.

I, on the other hand was the opposite. I am not daring and bold, believe it or not I would sometimes panic with the ideas she would come up with, and while she loved to irritate others, I loved helping out.

Basically Kausar liked to talk and I would listen. So we made a good team, but she was also a very good listener, when I was in a mood to rant and rave about something.

Kausar: “Ok, ok ….Sorry, now would you please sit down and tell me what is bothering you?”

So I told her everything I had heard, and when I completed she asked “Does Aziza know about this?”

Me: “No I didn’t get a chance to tell her and i’m not sure if I should tell her because she has enough on her head without having to worry about something else.”

Kausar: “I think you should tell Aziza, it is, after all her cousin also.”

“Tell me what?….Which cousin yourll talking about?….Did something happen?”

Uh oh!! that was Aziza…..


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