7. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم


Dear Saadiqah

Wa Alaykumus Salaam.

I’m so sorry but I think you are in for a disappointment. As you know my name is Layya and I’m from China. I’m 13 years old which is two years smaller than you. I hope you still continue writing to me after this despite our age difference.

I don’t go to school but I have been home schooled. The reason I don’t go to school is, I’m the third child. In China that is totally forbidden so the government doesn’t know I exist hence I cannot go to a real school. Will you tell me what being in a school is like?

I have two brothers and I am the only daughter. Hey, that’s something we have in common, we both are the only daughters. What is your brother’s name? Which part of China is he studying in? My brothers might know of him.

I’ve heard foreigners generally find our toilets the hardest. My grandmother forever complains about how hard it is to use them when she comes down for a visit. How is your brother finding it? Or do y’all also have eastern style toilets?

I’ve only seen pictures of western style toilets but have never seen one in real life. My father absolutely hates them and says that it’s against the sunnah and also causes all sorts of health problems. Sorry for going on about toilets.

Image result for sunnah squat toilet

Are all insects halaal to eat? We eat locusts only as we not sure about the permissibility of other insects. China barely even has space for human beings to live on (hence the one child policy) leave alone animals. Meat is very expensive so we have to add a bit of insects to our diet as an alternate source of protein. Trust me, locusts are actually quite tasty.

I’m actually ½ British ½ Chinese in heritage but born and bred in China. Yes, I do have “Chinese eyes.” Actually my eyes are my most striking feature being light grey in colour. My cousin Layla also has grey eyes but hers are very dark in colour that they almost black. My eyes are the only feature I have that’s prettier than Layla’s.

I’m petite in stature and would have loved to be as tall as my cousin Layla. I have messy blonde curls which are so annoying and can never be tamed in contrast to Layla’s neat, straight, naturally streaked reddish-brown hair.

The worst thing about being blonde is the dumb blonde jokes from my brothers. I get my blonde hair from my grandmother. I don’t know how my mother doesn’t have it but I do. Obviously I got Layla to dye it for me the first opportunity I got. My hair is currently dyed bright red. My parents weren’t too thrilled but they should be lucky that I settled for red instead of blue.

I really want to dye my hair blue but we’ll probably end up with world war three. How about you, ever dyed your hair? What colour? What is your natural hair colour?

Please describe to me how you look. I’m very curious to know what you look like. I would have asked you to send me a picture but being a niqaabi yourself, I’m sure that is something you’d never do.

Please write back to me. Tell me more about yourself. Describe to me your appearance, your family and most off all your school. Please, please, please write back to me. I already like you. Will you be my friend?

Image result for will you be my friend




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