8. Typically Teen

I entered school on Monday in a grumpy mood. To say that I was having a blue Monday would be an understatement. I had woken up late, missed breakfast and had no lunch for later on that day. To top it all, I received a reply from Layya but there was no time to read it. Instead I slipped it into my bag to read during break. Then mére had insisted that I had to start coming on the school bus as it was too hard for her to drop me off every morning. So I had to run down the street to get the bus. I must have looked a sight running in my niqaab. Thankfully I made it on time but then I had to deal with all the stares. Why can’t people mind their own business? I had an urge to stick out my tongue at them, but unfortunately even if I did they couldn’t see it. After an extremely uncomfortable bus ride, we finally reached the school.


I walked through the crowd only to find my self being grabbed by my arm. I glared at the person holding me, only to get a sweet smile in return as she began dragging me. I frowned as I tried to remember her name.


hun……hani……Hunaydah! That was it. So much for thinking of her as a sweet,nice girl. I tried to pull away but she tightened her grip on my arm.


“Let me go!” I exclaimed trying to yank my hand away. She looked at me and shook her head.


“Come I want to show you something.” She said, tugging at my arm. I stood still not allowing her to pull me along as she had been. She turned around to look at me. “Come,” She insisted. I shook my head.


“Listen here Hunaydah, where are you taking me? I have classes in like five minutes.”


She shook her head impatiently, “He said I musn’t tell you, don’t worry he won’t do anything to you. Quickly then we won’t be late.”


By now I was scared. I followed her my curiosity taking hold of me. I looked at my watch.


3 minutes left for class.


I suddenly realized where she was taking me and gasped. I took in the familiar corridor, with its painted walls and tiled floors. There were doors on either side but she ignored them, a second later she turned left and my worst fears were confirmed, the meeting place of the most popular clique in school. What did they want with me?


Hunaydah held tightly onto me as she knocked on the door. As the door opened she pushed me in saying, “Here she is,” before closing the door.


I searched the crowd looking for a familiar face, finding it I pleaded with my eyes for her to tell me what was happening.


A second later a young man stepped infront of me blocking my view of her. I instantly recognized him. Fear overtook me as I looked into his cold blue eyes. It was him,the leader of this clique,the guy that had called me a terrorist. Meres words filled my head, “Remember Allah is always with you, read Ayat-al-qursi and he will protect you.”

He stroked his chin thoughtfully before nodding at the people behind him.

“Okay.” He said, “We’ll take her.”




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