7. Picture Perfect

Roses Are Red
Violets are blue
Man, was I a fool
For trusting you

But now I have to smile
Coz the tables have turned
Revenge is sweet
I'll make sure you get burned

Walking into school on Monday, my chest swelled just a little when most of the school populace hurried to get out of my way. All that effort had paid of. Even the seniors knew not to mess with me.

As expected, Amy was waiting for me at my locker attempting to wait on me hand and foot and hanging onto my every word.

Pathetic! Did she really think sucking up to me would help her?

After ditching me at the club like that which led to the whole debacle with my papa and ‘matron‘, she seriously had hell to pay for. She deserved no mercy.

It was amusing how desperate she was to please me. Not that it mattered, she’d messed up big time and she’d have to make up for it.

I smiled deviously as I pondered over just what was I going to make her do. The possibilities were endless.

If it weren’t for the dozens of eyes trained on me, not directly staring as no one would dare but just from the corners of their eyes, I might have given in to the overpowering urge to rub my hand together and cackle evilly.

She’d got me into a mess so now I was going to make her pay. This was bound to be fun!

The possibilities of what I could make her do played on my mind right through lessons but it was only at lunch that inspiration struck.

Turning to her abruptly, I sweetly requested her to go to Parker and give him one of her cookies, telling him it’s from Haalah. When she didn’t move, I stared her in the eye, daring her to refuse. Two minutes later she was hurrying to fulfill my task. Was I good or what?

I kept my eyes on her, noticing her clear discomfort. Her reluctance was obviously not at the loss of a cookie. Rather, it was clear that someone had a puppy crush. I was doing her a favour actually because it would never be requited in a million years.

A slow smile broke across my face moments later when Parker winked at me and blew me a kiss, causing Amy’s face to fall. She honestly looked devastated. Oh yes, payback was even sweeter than maple syrup.

Sorry I know it’s short, and I did say that I’ll post weekly but I have no time. I’m terrible at keeping to schedules.

In the mean while to give you something to read, you can check out my other blog: https://ratiocinativeraconteuse.wordpress.com


3 thoughts on “7. Picture Perfect”

    1. As does everyone else. Patience is a virtue sweetheart.

      Oh wait! not if it’s gonna backfire and keep us from our love mg posts. In that case patience is something nonexistent in my vocabulary

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