8. In the blink of an eye

“Over my dead body! There is no way on Earth I am letting any of you scum bags near my daughter. I don’t care what y’all say, I may not have given birth to her but she is my daughter. End. Of. Story. I brought her up and treated her way better than your family ever could. Your family has done enough damage. I think Bilqis will be turning in her grave if she knew what y’all did to her innocent daughter. I don’t know how such a sweet angel came from a family of devils like y’all. Don’t ever, ever phone this number again, you little twit. I hate you and your inconsiderate family…”

Gosh!! The nerve of that woman. Who on earth does she think she is, to call my family inconsiderate? And as for not calling again…Well she should think again, because I am NOT going to rest until I speak to Basheera.

I decided to wait awhile and then try again. Unfortunately, she must have been expecting another call, because as soon as it started ringing the call was cut. I tried a second and third time, only to end up with the same result.

By now I was fuming, but not to be outdone, I decided to go the old fashion way, writing a letter. It would not be the same but it would at least grant us some form of communication. Grabbing a pen and paper I began….

Dear Basheera

Assalamu alaykum

You may be wondering who I am and why did I write to you? Let me introduce myself. My name is Maleeha Habeeb, I am 18 years old and I live in Durban.

It has come to my notice only recently, that I have another cousin. A cousin who probably also doesn’t know I exist.

Yes Basheera, you are my cousin. Your mother was my fathers sister. What happened, is not in my place to tell, but I sincerely hope that you were not kept in the dark, regarding this family secret.

From what I have learnt, when we were small, you were my partner in crime, or was I your partner…Hmmmm.

Anyway, I have hope that Insha Allah, we will meet one day and our friendship will resume, making us the inseparables we once were.

Ok, enough of our family issues, tell me about you. What are you studying? What are your hobbies? And do you have any siblings? 

Please reply as soon as possible as I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

Your long lost cousin.

That night after my Esha Salaah I made a dua to Allah, asking him to reunite our families.

It was only before I went to bed, that I realised I had lost the necklace given to me by my late nani. Before looking for it I recited,


After searching high and low over the next couple of days, I realised that the necklace must have fallen out somewhere other than the house.

I also realised that this must be the plan of Allah and I left it knowing that if Wishes, he will return it to me, otherwise he will grant me something better. Insha Allah



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