9. Typically Teen

“Bonjour.” I muttered as I handed in my detention card to the teacher on duty. I sighed as I sat down. Those idiots had made me late this morning, and I ended up missing my first class. Unbelievable, I had rushed the entire morning only to be made late by these people for something which could have definitely waited for lunch break.

I smiled to myself as I thought about the look on Owen’s face. It definitely made up for the detention.


“Take me?” I snapped, “To where? for what?”

“They suggested that we ask you to join us, to be a part of us.” he said gesturing to the others.

I looked him squarely in the eye,”So you made me late for class just to tell me this?”

He forced a smile,”Well you should be grateful that we’ve actually allowed you to join us.”

I glared at him, “Well you should have chosen a better time to do it instead of making me late.”

He shook his head and glared back at me, “What if I wanted to tell you now? Then? There’s no gratitude left in the world,” he grumbled.

Perhaps it was his forced smile, the coldness in his voice or the apparent hatred burning in his eyes, I don’t know what, but something in his demeanor told me that he didn’t want me, and that he wanted me to be late. 

“So you’re implying that you wanted me to be late?”

He looked at me with anger flashing in his eyes, I instantly knew that this was the truth.

“You’re so annoying,” he yelled. “Yes I want you to be late!”

I thought quickly, I had two options, I could either play his game and miss class or I could leave this unfinished and get to class though I would be late. I chose the first.

“You want me to be late?” I repeated laughing lightly.

By now he had lost his temper, “Yes, I told you.”

“And you risked the fact that you’ll get detention as well?” I questioned.

“Who said detention? You only get detention if you’re miss the entire lesson.”

“Well, you’d better get going if you don’t wanna miss class.” I nodded at him.

“So should you.” He answered.

I shook my head, “Nope you wanted me to be late, so late I am.” With that I calmly sat down, pulling Layya’s letter out of my bag. I opened the letter and began reading, totally oblivious to their shocked stares. I would show him a point. I wanted him to see that he was not the king of the world but an ordinary human being just like me.

I tore my eyes away from Layya’s letter and looked at him. His mouth was hanging open as he stared at me. I struggled to keep a straight face.

“Careful there’s no flies,” I said sweetly.

That did it, he shut his mouth, then opened it to say something but quickly shut it again.

“Cat got your tongue?” I teased. He glared at me before storming out.

Suddenly there was a loud applause from the others. I smiled and mock saluted as they rushed out to make it to class on time.

I settled back to read the rest of the letter as there was no way that I could leave a letter as interesting as this one. Man! This was one amazing girl. Who knew Chinese could be so interesting?

I chuckled to myself  as I pulled out Layya’s letter, reading it once more before taking out a clean sheet of paper and starting to write back.


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