9. In the blink of an eye

*Beep Beep Beep…

My head is pounding with the noise…..

*Beep Beep Beep…

My eyes are feeling heavy……

*Beep Beep Beep…

My mind is clouded…..Where am I?

*Beep Beep Beep…

I groaned due to the immense pounding in my head as I struggled to open my eyes. Just then I heard my mothers frantic voice. “Maleeha are you okay? Please open your eyes. Just say something please.”

“Mum,” I struggled to say, holding onto her hand.

Suddenly the beeps get louder, as my head spins faster, I heard her inhale sharply,”Maleeha, you ok? Wait let me get the nurse.”

Nurse? My eyes fly open at once and I look around me. I can’t recognise my surroundings.

Suddenly my vision blurs. I close my eyes in an effort to clear it but find myself struggling to open them once again.

Mum!!……Where is she …….I need to see her, I think fighting my body to stay awake, but my body was too weak to resist, as I found myself sinking into oblivion once more.

Azizas P.O.V

I had finally began to realise that the disappearance of Hamza was the plan of Allah, and he does according to what is best for us.

Friday the most beloved day, the day which is better than the two Eids had dawned upon us. I was in my room trying to decide what to wear when I heard the phone ring.

Going out of my room I saw Maleeha, on her way to answer the phone. I was about to go down with her when I heard a horrifying scream followed by a dull thud. Racing down the stairs I found Maleeha lying on the floor unconscious.

My heart in my throat I scream for mum as I pulled out my cell phone and called an ambulance, a few minutes later the ambulance arrived. Quickly assessing the situation they placed her on the stretcher and began taking her away.

The phone continued to ring but nobody moved to answer it, as every one was still in shock over what had just happened.

I turned to mum who had tears streaming down her face as she was about to leave with the ambulance and gave her a hug, trying to assure her that Maleeha would be okay, though I myself was full of doubts.

Quickly throwing on a cloak and scarf I raced out the house taking the car, I sped off towards the hospital.

Finding mum in the waiting room I rushed towards her and breathlessly asked her, “Mum, how is she?”

Mum: ” I don’t know Aziza, the doctors are with her now, they are taking her for an x-ray. All we can do now is make dua. Oh there’s the doctor.” she exclaimed rushing forward.

Doctor: “Mrs Habeeb, the x-ray has been done and we have discovered a blood clot which has built up on the right side of her head. You mentioned that she has had a fall, so based on this we suspect that the it has been there for some time and her fall caused it to spread, possibly when she banged her head. Mrs Habeeb, I’m sorry but we are going to do an emergency operation.”

After hearing the last sentence of the doctor, tears streaming down my face I found myself in the hospital salaah room making dua.

“Ya Allah please do not take her away, please Allah do not test me again. If Hamza is not meant for me then you find someone else for me but do not……. do not take Maleeha away from me. Ya Allah please I’m begging you, you can change things, you can make it right, please help us in this time of need.”


I had just completed my dua when I heard my phone ring.

Me: “Assalamu alaykum”

Aunty Summayyah: “Wa alaykumus salaam, he’s back, Aziza!!!”

Me: “uhh….. Aunty Summayyah  who are you talking about?”

Aunty Sumayyah: “Sorry Aziza, I am too excited, Hamza is back……”

Hamza is back……..Hamza is back……….Hamza is back……… her words echoed in my head. Putting the phone down I read two Rakaats Salaat-Shukr and raised my hands once again thanking Allah for returning him safely.

That’s when  it stuck me, this is what Maleeha was trying to tell me all this while, that I should turn to Allah, but I was too deaf to understand her. Now I hope it isn’t too late to thank her…….



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