10. Typically Teen

Dearest Layya

You don’t go to school, that’s so novel. I con’t imagine not going to school. Not that you’re missing much from the looks of it. I mean your education levels seem above average. Plus school is just a pile of unnecessary drama. Quite literally, I mean I’m planning to start Drama classes soon and when you put a pile of hormonal adolescents and teens in one building… I don’t think I need to say more.

Anyways, I’ll tell you about the drama I go through another time as it will take a while to tell you everything but for now, what shape eyes do you have? Are they the tilted Chinese eyes or almond shape or what? I love grey eyes and I’m still trying to paint  picture of you in my minds eye. I was so looking forward to meeting you but now that you told me about being the forbidden child, will that be possible? I mean I can come to China but it will take ages and ages to convince my parents, but what about you? Can you leave China? Since you said you aren’t a registered citizen, you probably don’t have a passport.

Wait a moment! Can’t you visit one of those underground James Bondy type agencies and get a passport. Oh my word! This is so cool. Its like something straight out of a thriller.

Now that you have my creative juices flowing, I have an even better idea. You could go to one of those places and sign up to be a spy! There’s no way they could turn you away because just imagine, who wouldn’t want a nonexistent person to spy for them. You would never be able to be traced ever because you have no records. This is just too cool for words. Imagine! I can say that my pen pal is a spy.

You were asking where my brother is studying. He’s at the Tshingua University in Beijing. Please tell me you stay close by. I’d love you to infinity and beyond if you ever visit the place he’s staying and prank him for me. You see, he used to be this huge prankster and really fun but now that he’s in university, He’s suddenly gone all ‘mature’ and acts like pranks are beneath him. I’m too far to do it myself otherwise I wouldn’t ask you.

You don’t have to do anything serious but please do it. For me… You mentioned that you and your cousin look the same so maybe you can just run circles round him. It’s honestly hilarious when he get’s confused. Please please pleeaaassee do it. Oh, his name is Saadiq.

I’m a brunette. I did dye my hair once but i swear that I will never do it again even if you pay me. I went to this salon that was all the rage and chose to dye it blond. The colour on the box looked really amazing, It was like this golden lush blonde. I was so excited so you can imagine my dismay when it was done and I looked in the mirror only to see a stranger with BRIGHT BRIGHT yellow hair staring back at me. Unfortunately, you cannot sue people for dying your hair the wrong colour, trust me I tried.

You were asking about how I look so here goes nothing. I have average brunette hair, am of an average height, have an average built and have your typical, you guessed it, average complexion. My immediate family is also really good and orthodox and…. well, average. My extended family however is a completely different story. They are really outrageous and amazing. I’d love to tell you all about them right now but then I would miss not just one but two classes of school.

Which brings us to the topic of school, I’m currently missing class and writing this letter and the lesson is going to end really soon so I can’t go into much detail about school. But to give you a little titbit, I’m currently missing class not because I’m a rebel or a delinquent or anything but because one stupid guy who thinks he’s too great purposely made me late for school. My pride of course, couldn’t allow him the satisfaction of thinking he bothered or upset me so here I am cool as a cucumber, deliberately missing the rest of the class while he is still standing in the same position for the past 15 minutes gawping at me. Anyways, It’s time for the next lesson so Assalaamu AlaikumWa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh.


Swinging my bag onto my back I headed towards my first drama class. I couldn’t wait,  this was bound to be interesting.

Entering the class, I stopped my eyes nearly popping out of my head, No, please don’t say he’s in drama. I silently pleaded, wishing that my eyes were playing tricks on me. I rubbed my eyes and looked again, but it didn’t help, he was still there.

Olivia appeared infront of me and winked before whispering,  “Well,  this is going to be interesting to see.” I watched in disbelief as she walked over to him and casually hugged him.  He hugged her back still keeping his eyes trained on me.  Eyes filled with hatred. Yep, it was definitely him.

I straightened myself and looked him squarely in the eye,  I would not let myself feel intimidated by Owen Ford,  never. 


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