10. In the blink of an eye

Opening my eyes I looked around me. I was in a room I didn’t recognise. Needles attached to my arm, medication drips hanging above me, a pressure machine attached to my right hand and a heart rate monitor on my chest.

Thinking that was bad, I lifted my hand to brush hair off my face and started to panic when I felt a bandage on my head.

Suddenly all the events of the previous days came flooding back into my mind….Hamza disappearing…….. Finding out about Basheera……..Phoning Basheera’s mother………. Her reaction…..the phone ringing……….me falling… and after that everything was blank

As I was contemplating getting off the bed, a nurse walked in and rushed over to my side, exclaiming: “Ms Habeeb, you awake!!”

Nodding slowly I asked, “Why am I here?”

Nurse: “I’m sister Jane, and don’t worry, you just had a small operation done early this morning. How do you feel?”

Me: “Just a little tired and weak otherwise I’m fine.”

Nurse: “Thats good, your family should be here in a few minutes.”

Just then I heard someone call my name, turning to the door I saw Aziza rush over to me grabbing me in a hug. Taken by surprise I gasped and then laughed hugging her back.

Aziza: “Maleeha, you naughty child you gave us all a shock.”

Making a face at her I said: “Oh, so I’m the naughty one now?”

Aziza: “Face the fact Maleeha, you were always the naughty one.”

Me: “Whatever you say Aziza, now were is my mummy?”

Aziza: “I left her to park the car, she’ll be here now, but let me tell you why I am so excited. Hamza is back!!”

Me: “Wait, Whaat! When?”

Aziza: “I don’t know when but Aunty Summayyah phoned and told me, unfortunately he’s not in a very good condition so we’re gonna have to wait awhile before making nikah.”

Me: “Alhumdulillah at least he IS back, make shukar for that and don’t worry inshallah you will be with him soon.”

Mum: “Assalamu alaykum, how you my doll? Are you feeling okay?”

Me: “Jee mum, don’t stress. I’m fine Alhudulillah.”

Mum: “You better be, we not giving you a choice but to get better.”

After questioning me about a dozen more times, mum finally accepted that I was fine and went out to let others come in.

After smiling and greeting everyone, trying to assure them I was fine, I suddenly couldn’t wait for them to go. My head was spinning with a dozen and one questions flying at me.

Luckily at that moment Kausar walked in sparing me from answering all the questions. A few minutes later,  Aziza walked back in.

Aziza: ” Heyy Maleeha, do you remember Husna, she used to stay in durban a while back. Well anyway she was trying to get hold of you. She’s coming down this weekend.”

Me: “Uhhh…. Yeah I think I do, but where is she staying now?”

Aziza: “I’m not too sure but I think she stays in Burgville.”

BUURGVILLE………………..Husna stays in Burgvillle……………..Basheera is also in Burgville……………This could be our break through…..This is how we could contact Basheera.



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