11. Typically Teen

I  watched from far as Olivia made herself comfortable around him. I wasn’t really bothered, though I wondered if she was related to him. He seemed to be ignoring me, but everytime he happened to look my way I noticed the hatred burning in his eyes. That wasn’t going to stop me though, I mean he invited me to join his group, even though it wasn’t very willingly and for whatever reason but I was going to stay there.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear Ruqayyah creeping up behind me, until she poked my sides causing me to jump two feet into the air.


I swung around to face her and she grinned sneakily.


I just came to tell you: “Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay like an octopus in your face.”


I stared at her speechless.


“Now I’m not saying be a true friend to him because trust me, he’s bad company! But…..” she winked. “You know what I mean.”


Aadila came over as she walked away, “High five cuzz,” she squealed, “That was a good one.”


Seems like news travels fast.


“So what exactly are we going to do?” I asked studying the class. It was basically a mini stage like thing at the side, with a few chairs at the side, not counting behind the stage which I hadn’t actually seen.


“Wait and see, just a warning, you’re new so be prepared for questions. Oh and don’t you dare say Shrek coz you’ll have a problem,” she answered before waltzing away.


Before long I found myself sitting on one of the chairs facing the stage.


Miss Lee entered and I found myself biting back the urge to laugh.


Well she didn’t walk in, she sort of pranced in, if you get what I mean.


After greeting all of us, she looked solemnly at us. Her eyes rested on me and before I knew what was happening I was next to her, for an ‘interview’ as she put it. I hadn’t expected this. Gosh! What was I going to say?


Miss Lee explained that she was going to ask me one word questions and I had to answer as best as I could. I took in a deep breath calming my nerves, as she started.


Miss Lee: Name?


Me: Saadiqah Hussein


Miss Lee: Age?


Me: Fifteen


Miss Lee: Family?


Me: Parents and an older brother.


Miss Lee: Extended?


I smiled to myself.


Me: Him and her and him.


I pointed towards my cousins in the audience.


Miss Lee: Pardon? Could you repeat that?


I repeated my self, pointing again.

Miss Lee: So who are him and her and him to you?


She waved a general hand towards the audience.


me: Cousins.


Miss Lee: Reason you joined?


me: Coz him and her begged me to.


And I pointed again. Miss Lee looked lost for words


“Err okayy,”

Miss Lee: most extraordinary thing about you?

Me: uhh my niqaab.

I held it between my thumb and forefinger,  flapping it abit.

Miss Lee: Reason?

Me: compulsory for muslim females.

She nodded and grinned. “Now the interesting part.”


Miss Lee: Tangled or Shrek?


I looked towards my cousins, my parents had off course not allowed me to watch movies, so the only ones that I had actually watched were with them. So that’s why Aadila said no shrek. Her words came back to me

Don’t you dare say Shrek, coz then you’ll have a problem.

Ohh but I dared, who cares about the consequences.

Me: Shrek

Miss Lee: Favourite line in it?

Me: Red flower blue leaf.

Miss Lee: Favourite character?

Me: Donkey

Miss Lee hesitated, before asking the audience if she should go on.

A few shouted yes. Miss Lee turned to me with a weird smile on her face

“Okay, here goes, is there anybody who reminds you of them.”

So that’s why Aadila was warning me. I looked towards her and then towards Owen. Aha! I turned back to Miss Lee

“Those two,” and I pointed towards Owen and Olivia.

They both looked shocked as everybody laughed.

Miss Lee: Why?

Because without him she’s pretty, but with him she just like him, an ogre.

Miss Lee laughed as she called them down, “What do you two have to say about that?”

“She’s absolutely right,” Olivia said as she hugged me.

I looked towards Owen

“Would you rather like to be my Fiona instead?” he asked sweetly.

I stared at him gobsmacked, while everyone laughed. I had not expected that.

“I guess revenge is sweet,” he whispered.

Yep it was definitely sweet and I was going to repay the favour.







2 thoughts on “11. Typically Teen”

  1. uurrrmmm from what i knw it is compulsory for every muslim women………its just that not everybody wears it!!!(im not judging anybody)
    But Allahu a’alam:))

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