12. Typically Teen

I sat at my desk looking out the window of my bedroom, the sun was setting and the sky was an orangy colour which I could barely see through the light rain.  I watched the rain beating upon the window,  the homework in front of me momentarily forgotten.

“Allahumma sayyiban naafia.” I found myself reading the dua for rain,  which mére had taught me.

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Leaves from the tree that stood just outside my window, were drying and below it there was an array of fallen leaves, ranging in colours from red to yellow, showing that autumn had definitely come.

Hearing a knock on my room door,  I answered “Come in.”

Still lost in the beauty of it all, I barely noticed mére come in and stand next to me.

“Beautiful, ain’t it? ” I asked finally realizing that she was standing next to me,  looking at the same thing that I was.

“Say subhanallah, then you will be getting reward,  while marvelling at the beauty of it,” she answered softly.

“Hmm, you wanted something?”

“Yeah,” she answered placing an envelope on my desk, “This came for you,  I was wondering what it was?”

“Layya Ma,” I read the name on the envelope aloud. “My pen pal mére,  I’ll tell you about her some other time,” I answered already deep into my yellow letter. I was so deep in it,  that I failed to see mére’s frown and the apparent dislike on her face as she walked away from my desk.

A smile spread over my face and after reading the letter, I pulled out a clean sheet of paper to write back.

Dearest Layya

Brothers! Tell me about them, they can be so nosy, irritating and annoying at times. I feel sorry for you, you have two of them to deal with, while I only have one. I seriously cannot stand him sometimes, though I miss him when he’s not around.(don’t you dare let him find out I said that.)

Do you really want to know more of my horrible classes? Well remember that jerk I told you about? I called him Shrek in front of an entire class, the dagger looks I got afterwards were worth the look on his face. Luckily it was drama and we supposed to be dramatic otherwise I would’ve probably gotten detention for being rude!

Yes, you’re right in thinking that I fit in better with my extended family, and they’re a bunch of weirdos, just like me.

Bestie? Of course I’ll be your bestie. I’m going to bug my parents to bring me to china in the next holidays. I’ve always wanted to go but Saadiq always complains that we can’t, since he studies there.

I’ve seen somewhere that every brunette needs a blond bestie, looks like I’ve finally found mine! 


I hope you do it because then, just imagine, I’ll be able to tell everyone my best friend doesn’t exist. It’s such a pity that you can’t travel though, if you could then you could’ve visited me, right here in Canada.

Don’t even think of dying your hair yellow. It’s really horrible, even though it may cause a scene, it makes you look like a clown! Besides that I love blonde hair, I wouldn’t mind swapping with you. My family still teases me about it. i still can’t forget about the horrid poem my brother wrote about it. I’ll share it with you but you can’t show anyone.


Diqah with the windy yellow hair
 moping by the stair                                   
Diqah with the windy yellow hair                                
She went to the barbers                               
 and lost her marbles                                
chose a wrong colour by mistake                        
For it looks quite fake                              
 O dear, her hair,                                            
 She gave us quiet a scare                          
She came to me while her hair,                
 Was bare                                                       
 It shone like the rays of the sun                    
Tied in a bun                                                   
She cried for a few                                       
 And wailed coz she waited in a queue             
Only to get hair                                             
 That looks quite rare
Yesterday I met her running home from school
Her face was tear stained, she didn’t know I knew
But I do, I do                                                     
Her yellow hair was known by few             
Now it seemed like every one knew       
 Poor Diqah with the windy yellow hair      
Moping by the stair                                    
Poor Diqah with the windy yellow hair       
now its back to brown                                
But she looks at me with a frown
Everytime I ask her how it is to fare          
As poor Diqah with the windy yellow hair.

Now isn’t that positively horrid! Sorry for the short letter but I have about a ton of homework to do. You’re so lucky that you don’t go to school, many people would kill to have a life like yours. I’m just procrastinating because I’m not in the mood of doing it, before I wrote to you I was looking out the window just to pass time. Can you believe it’s already autumn and soon it will be winter and snow, brr, snowball fights and snowmen, I can’t wait!

Yours sincerely


Signing my name at the end, I read through it one time before I sealed it into an envelope and turned, only to see mere sitting in the window seat at the opposite side of my room.

Closing her book, she looked at me sternly and said, “Now that you’re done, could you explain to me who is this girl and why are you talking to her? Why do I not know of her?”


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