12. In the blink of an eye

Aziza’s P.O.V

Today is day that Maleeha is supposed to be coming out of hospital.  While waiting for her I decided to go and do some baking.

From the time Hamza had returned Maleeha had insisted that we invite them over. But we had refused saying that she would not be here.

Finally we agreed to having them over when she comes out of hospital. But Maleeha being Maleeha insisted that it be the same day.

On my way to the kitchen the phone rang, answering it, it turned out to be one of mummys friend’s by the name of gori bai. She wanted mummy to make one of her medicines for her, and since mummy was not home, I offered to make it for her.


Seriously!! why do people ask your age and then want to get you married? And her cousins, friends, daughter had a son. Does she even know this person?


Getting out a bucket, I rushed around the kitchen searching for the right ingredients, putting them in as she called them out.

Finally putting the last ingredient in as I gave her the address, I tripped over my own feet and turned to find Aunty Summayyah and Hamza looking at me in shock.

images (56).jpg

Me: “Asalamu Alaykum.”

Aunty Summayyah: “Wa alaykumus salaam.”

Me: “How are you Aunty Summayyah? Sorry I didn’t hear you come in.”

Aunty Summayyah: “Alhumdulillah I’m fine. Thats probably because you were rushing around like a hurricane. Care to inform me what the rush is about, and what is in that bucket?”

Me: “No rush, one of mummy’s friend’s phoned and asked me to make this medicine for her. She said someone’s going to come pick it up.

Aunty Summayyah: “Uhhhh……Aziza are you sure you did the right thing?”

Me: “Jee Aunty Summayyah, Why?”

Aunty Summayyah “Because that does not look like it has any medicinal value, It just looks like coloured water, and no one in their right mind will drink something like that.”

Me: “Aunty Summayyah, are you saying that I wasted my time doing this?”

Aunty Summayyah: “Jee Aziza, I seriously don’t think anybody’s going to come and take this.”

Glancing towards Hamza I saw a smile on his face, as soon as he caught sight of me glaring at him he mumbled something and walked out the kitchen.

Groaning I sat down. How could I have been so silly. Looking at that bucket of water, I suddenly began laughing.

Me: “I’m so sorry Aunty Summayyah, but now you know what kind of a daughter-in-law you are getting. Someone who doesn’t make sure that she is doing the right thing.”

Aunty Summayyah: “Don’t worry Aziza we all make mistakes and that is how we learn. But….”

Aunty Summayah stopped and began laughing and I also began laughing at myself.

Aunty Summayyah: “Sorry Aziza, I dont mean to be rude, but you did look funny running around the kitchen and dumping things into that bucket. Oh and I’m warning you, Hamza is not going to let you forget that.”

Maleeha’s P.O.V

Alhumdulillah, all I was waiting for was for dad to fill in the discharge forms and I was free to leave.

Though I was feeling well, doctor had said that it would take time to get my energy back and had suggested that I wait in the cool ward for everything to be sorted out, rather than sit in a hot car or follow my parents around as it would make me more tired.

So sitting in the ward I decided to go through my messages which I had left unread the day before, until dad walked in.

Dad: “Maleeha, you ready to go?”

Me: “Jee dad, I’m ready.”

Slowly getting up, I walked out the hospital. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, I sat down in the car, when I heard my message tone.

Cheking my phone, I got happy to see Husna’s name pop up on my screen.

H: Assalamu Alaykum. How are you Maleeha? Hope you out and about once again.

M: WaAlaykum Salaam. Alhamdulillah. Guess whose just got out of hospital today

H: Oh I’m so happy to hear that. Maaf but your house is number 23 right?

M: jee why? Already forgot my address so quickly hmm

H: I managed to persuade Basheera to come, so I’ll see you soon insha Allah, definitely wont miss this wedding for anything!

And about why I asked what’s the house number, can you please do me a favour? Please tell your sister that the phone call was a prank call from my insane friends and nobody is going to come and pick up the bucket. So sorry!! 

Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Going home I greeted everybody and gave Aziza my phone to read the message before asking what it meant.

To hear what they had made Aziza do was hilarious and I couldn’t help laughing especially at the part when Hamza came in. Aziza stared indignantly at me but after a while she also laughed.

Just then Aunty Summayyah came in and smiled.

Aunty Summayyah: “Assalamualaykum Maleeha, its good to see you out and about.”

She came forward and hugged me.

Aunty Summayyah: “Now you both better freshen up and get ready.”

She turned to Aziza

Aunty Summayyah: “Aziza, Hamza wants to speak to you and your family. So Maleeha you better be quick.”

She winked at me as she turned and ushered a very nervous looking Aziza out.

After freshening up I rushed back down in time to hear Hamza say: “Everyone makes mistakes and this mistake isn’t going to change my mind. Aziza will you marry me……”

I quickly looked towards them when I heard Aziza gasp in surprise and saw Hamza on one knee, before Aziza holding out a ring.

As Aziza whispered yes he smiled, stood up and handed the ring to his mother before walking out.

Aunty Summayyah walked towards Aziza and said: “Welcome to the family Aziza, don’t be dissapointed as he did not want to touch you before your nikah. You have a choice, should I give you the ring now or do you want to wait until after the nikah for him to give you?”

Aziza blushed before replying shyly: “I’ll wait……”

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