13. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Layla came over after school and we were both in giggles as we excitedly discussed our plan to prank Saadiq. This is really going to be epic. Lets hope it’s impressive enough for my new bestie, Saadiqah.

Hearing Abbaas’s footsteps followed by his voice making salaam as he entered the house, I grabbed Layla’s backpack that was filled with everything we needed and we both began racing each other to the door.

“Abbaas, take us now,” we eagerly requested sounding too much like little children high on candy.

“Huh? Where? Oh! Who said I’m taking y’all?” Abbaas said shattering all our plans.

“But.. But.. You never say no! You said you’ll think about it and then you never say that you won’t take us so..” I said quite upset that all our plans were in vain.

“Hey stop looking at me like y’all about to burst into tears. I said I’ll think about it and I did and my answer is no.”

Knowing Abbaas was a sucker for tears, Layla began blubbering under her breath and burst into loud sobs, fake of course but Abbaas doesn’t know how to tell the difference.

“Ok, sorry, sorry come I’ll take you. I need to go there for some work anyway. I was just joking. Please stop crying. Come let’s go,” Abbaas quickly said trying to pacify her.

As he turned around Layla quickly shot me a grin and a thumbs up before going back to her act and ‘wiping her tears and blowing her nose.’

Abbaas showed us to Saadiq’s dorm and ditched us by the door saying he had work to do and would meet us later.

Opening the backpack I pulled out a pair of heels and wore them so now I was the same height as Layla. Boys are generally quite unobservant and we were hoping that Saadiq’s none the better.

Our eyes were the same colour albeit different shades and our hair was covered by same kind hijabs. We are wearing matching clothes too. To an unobservant onlooker we looked quite identical, we could easily be mistaken for twins.

Layla hid to the side as I knocked on the door. Catching sight of Saadiq my first thought was does he look like his sister? I could see those hazel eyes and brunette hair she described to me about herself mirrored in her brother but I don’t really know much about her other features.

“Hello, can I help you? ” I realised that I was staring and hadn’t spoken since he opened the door.

Not wanting him to slam the door in my face I quickly blurted, “Sorry, this is awkward but I really need to use the bathroom, please.” I asked squeezing my eyes shut wanting to murder Layla for giving me such an embarrassing part in the whole thing.

“Uh..why..I..Okay. Toilet is that way.” He eventually said indicating to the bathroom door.

I practically raced to the toilet and breath a sigh of relief once safely in the bathroom with the door locked behind me. Gosh! That was so awkward.

Eww, Eww, Eww! Wait I’m in a boys toilet! I gingerly flushed the chain to keep up with the illusion of using the toilet before I began scrubbing my hands and overloading it with soap.

I’m so going to kill Layla! This place is probably teeming with germs. Why does Layla always get me in such unsavory situations!

My hands were feelings a bit raw and tender when I finally decided that I’ve scrubbed it enough. I closed the tap and strained my ears listening carefully waiting for Layla to make her appearance.

  • Teens are more clever than you think. They know how to fake, lie and manipulate so well that you will never detect it’s not natural.
  • If something is wrong and against the teachings of Islam don’t allow anyone to get you into that situation.
  • Unless in cases of necessity, being in the company of a strange male is completely haram. If necessary then do so with a mahram present, not another woman but another Mahram male.

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