13. Typically Teen

“Now that you’re done, could you explain to me who is this girl and why are you talking to her? Why do I not know of her?”

I sat stunned for a second as my mother’s angry words echoed through the room before swiftly standing up, I could feel my anger rising swiftly as I glared at mère. She looked me squarely in the eye waiting for an answer.

Why on earth does she have to be so protective? Why can’t I even talk to a friend without her knowing? And it’s not as if I was doing anything dangerous! For heavens sake all I did was write! Write to a friend! For a school project too. Why does she have to be so….so….so strict, and interfere in my business!

I bit down on my lower lip to stop myself from shouting at her, as I argued with myself.

But she’s your mother, she has every right to worry for your safety and well being. She doesn’t know it was for school!

But why does she have to ask? Why can’t she just understand! Why does she worry for nothing? She sent me to school, she can’t expect me to tell her every single thing we do!

She worries because she loves you, she cares for you, she brought you up from a little child. You can’t just kick her out of your life, she has every right to know your personal stuff. She’s your mother!

“I’m waiting for an answer here.” Mères voice was cold, as it broke through my inner conflict. I looked at her as I clenched my fists, her face was expressionless and cold but her eyes betrayed her irritation and anger.

I opened my mouth to tell her exactly what I thought, when memories of our last fight came flooding back and pères words echoed in my head.

Just remember, “La taghdob wa lakaal jannah.”  (avoid anger and jannah is yours)


“Recite Aaoozu billah hi minashaytaan nir rajeem when you become angry.”

Clenching my jaw I asked, “Can we have this discussion later?”

Not waiting for an answer I moved over to the bar fridge in the corner of my room and pulled out a bottle of water. Sitting down I recited Bismillah before drinking the water slowly. I heard mère stand up and silently leave my room.

Letting cool water slip down my throat, I felt my anger slowly beginning to dissipate. Realizing that it was maghrib time, I got up, performed wudhu and read my salaah.

After salaah I sat on my musallah thinking for a while, it was a while since I had last fought with mère. It was a silly issue and Daadi had been there. She had huffed and puffed about now days teenagers and their attitudes. It had made me even more irritated at that time but whenever I thought of it afterwards it had been funny. One thing she had said to mere always stood out for no apparent reason. 

“These girls now days, what with their attitudes and rebelliousness, Eh? don’t worry ma chèrie she’s just a adolocent typique she’ll get over it.”

I had never fully understood what her words meant, I mean adolocent typique,  what on earth does she mean by calling me that?

Smiling, I got up as I heard père return from maghrib salaah,  I had to go down now for souper anyways,  looks as if I may as well face the music.

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  • Never respond to any situation in a state of anger. You will just make the situation worse and do something that you will regret later on. Wait until you are calm before trying to solve the problem.


  • Some steps to help dissipate anger are:

* Read Ta’awwuz

*Change position (If standing sit if sitting lay down)

*Make wudhu

*Drink water

*Remove yourself from the situation or presence of the person making you angry until you have calmed down


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