14. Typically Teen

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I found mere sitting on the couch in the lounge, her expression was blank as she stared at the blank wall in front of her. Straining my ears I heard the faint sound of pere reciting Quran. Taking a deep breath I sat next to her.

“Mere,” I half whispered.

She looked at me, “Are you ready now Saadiqah?”

I cringed at the harshness of her voice and nodded.


And so I explained. I explained how Miss Lee had given us the homework. How I had written to her the first time. How I had recieved a reply, how we had built up a friendship through our letters. And when I thought it was enough I stopped but mere wasn’t satisfied.

“I still don’t like the sound of her,” was her reply, “I don’t want you talking to a total stranger.”

I looked up in shock, “but maa………”

“No buts,”  she said decidedly, “you don’t know who she is or whether she has any ulterior motive, you don’t know anything about her, you can’t just talk to a total stranger.

” I do know about her, she’s a thirteen year old, what motive is she going to have? She’s hardly been out of the hou se, so she hasn’t been exposed to the fitna of the world, she doesn’t even attend school and that’s were there’s the most problems, she’s an innocent child, and in niqaab too, where in earth do you expect her to come up with all these motives from?” I pleaded using her innocence to get around mere.

I myself didn’t even know why I was fighting for her so much. I guess there was something unique about her that made me want to.

Mere pursed her lips as she thought before asking, “why are you do keen on talking to her?”

I shrugged and she frowned before answering, “I’ll speak to your pere about it.”

I nodded and sighed, this wasn’t over yet.

“now,”  she continued, “you need to learn to control your anger, you get too moody sometimes.”

I nodded and let her talk, not really listening. Until…………….

“you know too much sugar causes all these moods, maybe you should cut down then it will help you.”

I spontaneously burst out laughing but quickly stopped when mere looked at me a small smirk on her face.

“What? ” she suddenly giggled,”what’s the joke?”

I shook my head saying nothing. “How it’s true,” she said, “sugar does cause all weird things.

And I laughed again, gosh mere could blame the weirdest of things on sugar.

The phone rang and mere hurried to answer it.


I frowned as I saw her facial expression change the moment she answered, she spoke calmly though I noticed a slight tremor in her voice. I wondered who she was talking too but her conversation was confusing, not really maing any sense to me as to who she was talking to.

“Shukr we all well and your side?”


“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon. how did it happen?”


“Ya Allah, when?”


“Oh no, khadeejah I feel so bad.”


“Jee I understand, I’ll see if we can get a flight down tonight Insha Allah.”


“Ok, I’ll let you know, keep me updated.”


“wa alaykum salaam.”

Mere put the phone down and rushed to peres study. I scrunched my forehead thinking hard.

Flight down to where?


I wrecked my brains trying to think of a Khadeejah but none came to mind. ‘But then’, I reasoned with my self, ‘you dont know all of meres family from South Africa.’ 

Standing up I made my way towards peres study. This was killing me, I had to find out, and there was only one way.

  • When hearing any bad news recite Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon.
  • Don’t blame everything on PMS. Yes, you may be more emotional at that time but it’s no excuse to be so moody and snappy at everyone.
  • Always respect and be kind to your parents especially your mother. Disobedience to parent is a major, major sin so much so that it has been mentioned in the Quran amongst the most evil of sins like Shirk.
  • Too much sugar is the root of the whole dunya’s problems according to mere!

8 thoughts on “14. Typically Teen”

  1. Too much sugar is the root of the whole dunya’s problems according to mere!…I hafta agree …a lot of the dunya’s health problems are related to overeating n overconsumption of sugars (glucose forming foods)!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol…of course I cudn’t. When Istarted low carbing , I went thru heavy withdrawal symptoms …dizziness, fatigue n even got the jitters…heavy sugar addiction is almost like cocaine addiction believe me!


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