10. Flawless Facade

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

  • Read three times:  بِسـمِ اللهِ الذي لا يَضُـرُّ مَعَ اسمِـهِ شَيءٌ في الأرْضِ وَلا في السّمـاءِ وَهـوَ السّمـيعُ العَلـيم

I watched as the blocks of flats, duplexes, complexes and fancy houses passed by. It was quite an unfamiliar sight compared to Bergville’s grassy plains and endless cow population. I soon began to day dream and ponder over the events that led up to my being here.

I’m still not sure how Khawla convinced daddy to agree but it seems like she somehow worked some miracle there.

I really wonder what Khawla did. I’m going to bug her to teach me the trick she used once I return. She had even managed to solve my dress problem for me!

 She told me to repeat the dress I’d worn for Khalid’s wedding as it was quite stunning and that I’d rather use it now that I have the opportunity instead of hoarding it in my cupboard for decades and that if I wasn’t going to use it then I should rather give it away to someone who is going to use it.

This was the best option so far and since it was also a totally different crowd I didn’t have to worry about people having seen me in it before and hey it was quite expensive so I may as well get good use out of it…

“Wake up, sleepy head. We almost there. What number did you say it is?” Daddy asked startling me out of my day dream.

“Huh? I’m awake daddy, just wondering what it’s going to be like. It’s number 23.”

“What?! Wait, who exactly is the bride again? What’s her name? ” Daddy turned to look at me only for me to scream, “Daddy watch the road!”

“Ok but stop evading my question. ” Deep in my own thoughts, wondering how to answer and hoping that daddy wouldn’t ask any more questions as I didn’t really have answers to them, I failed to see that apprehensive look on Daddy’s face.

“A friend of mine. Her names Aziza.” I really hope Daddy doesn’t suddenly change his mind and turn back because he doesn’t know this friend of mine and I really hope he doesn’t inquire more about her.

A gasp left Daddy’s lips. I looked at him questioningly, “What’s wrong Daddy? I got an idea, if you want you can come in and meet her parents that way they won’t be strangers but I think only her mother is here because this was supposed to be a lady’s function,” I said amazed at my genius idea. It’s not likely that Daddy will take up my suggestion and if he does… hey at least I’ll still get to meet them.

Little did I realise that Daddy’s gasp was for a totally different reason. “No! It’s fine, I trust you. We’re here.” He answered a little too quickly pulling up at number 23.

“AssalamuAlaykum, have fun,” Daddy said with this weird pained expression on his face as he’d hugged me goodbye, squeezing me extra tight.

As I got out of the car I thought I heard him mumble something like, “Fathima is going to kill me.” But it doesn’t really make any sense why he would say that.

Pushing all those thoughts and events aside I took a deep breath and walked up to the door and knocked.

A few moments later the door opened and I glanced at the lady who opened the door wondering who she was. Was that Aziza or Maleeha or someone else? I thought, beginning to get overwhelmed as the person without even greeting turned around and got lost in the crowds of people

I looked around and finding not one familiar face began to feel claustrophobic. Was this a good idea? These are total strangers! I was on the verge of hyperventilating. To add to my fears someone grabbed my arm from behind me and began dragging me off somewhere.

My breath shortened as I panicked and began screaming but over the loud din, my cries of distress went unheard. A Dua Khawla had taught me recently soon made its way on my lips, بِسـمِ اللهِ الذي لا يَضُـرُّ مَعَ اسمِـهِ شَيءٌ في الأرْضِ وَلا في السّمـاءِ وَهـوَ السّمـيعُ العَلـيم

  • Don’t hoard. If you haven’t used something for the past year then maybe it’s time to give it away to someone who will make better use of it.
  • It’s quite useless wasting money on something you are only going to wear once, rather buy something that you know you’ll make good use of.
  • By reading بِسـمِ اللهِ الذي لا يَضُـرُّ مَعَ اسمِـهِ شَيءٌ في الأرْضِ وَلا في السّمـاءِ وَهـوَ السّمـيعُ العَلـيم three times morning and evening nothing will be able to harm you.



10 thoughts on “10. Flawless Facade”

  1. Hey I’m so glad her dad brought her.wondering if her mom knows where she went.I’m dying to know what happened at the mendhi function. Please please please with a cherry on the top post soon.

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    1. Lol
      1. I do have a life you know
      2. Will u believe the next post is already written but
      3. Its not edited and
      4. Im very busy at the moment but I’ll try. No guarantees though.


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