14. In the blink of an eye

“Maleeha!!….” Yes, the annoying calls of bridezilla had failed to stop, and neither did the doorbell. At the last possible minute Aziza had decided that she could not get married without a mehndi night.

Sighing as the doorbell rang once again I ignored Aziza’s call and walked towards the door. Opening it I could not help but feel a little excited as it turned out to be my long lost cousin, Farah.

Ushering her in, I walked towards the lounge with her, catching up on the last couple of weeks stories. Farah and I were inseparable from a very young age, though our daily routines nowadays made it difficult to meet up very often.

“Maleeha!!! Please come here.” Now I was seriously getting annoyed. Couldn’t she just leave me in peace? Couldn’t she go and bother someone else? No! All she wanted was to give orders!

Rolling my eyes, I muttered: “Bridezilla and her demands.”

Farah laughed: “She’s never changed.”

Leaving Farah, I walked up to Aziza and asked: “Jee Aziza, how can I help you?”

Aziza: ” Finally you here!! I need to go and get my mehndi done and mummy wants a hand with the dessert, can you please help her.” she said before rushing off, without waiting for an answer, leaving me even more annoyed as the door bell rang again.

Sighing, I ignored the doorbell, leaving somebody else to see to it and busied myself carrying trays of dessert to the lounge.

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Spotting Husna, I immediately thought of Basheera, so I decided to go and speak to her. After being pushed and shoved around I finally reached her.

Me: “Assalamu alaykum.”

Husna: “Wa alaykumus salaam, How are you Maleeha.” She asked grabbing me in a hug.

Me: “Alhumdulilah, and you?”

Husna: “Alhumdulillah. Whats new?”

Me: “Nothing, uhhh…Is Basheera here?”

Husna: “Not yet, I havn’t seen her around, but I’ll tell you as soon as she is here.”

Thanking her, we chatted a little while longer and then excusing myself I went off in search of Kausar, who to my amusement was arguing with Aziza.

Aziza: “Kausar, its your turn.”

Kausar: ” For what?”

Aziza: “To put mhendi, of course.”

Kausar: “Really!! It is? I never heard anyone announcing my name!”

Aziza: ” please, obviously nobody is going to announce your name. Now go that lady is waiting for somebody.”

Kausar: ” Uhuh, no ways! I am not putting mhendi on my hands. How on earth will I eat afterwards. That smell is enough. No thank you!!”

Chuckling to myself I suddenly felt the urge to do something silly. Walking over to the mehndi lady, I asked to borrow her mhendi cone.

Seeing Kausar wearing short sleeves, I sneaked up behind her and before she could do anything there was a swirl of mhendi of her arm.

Me: “Gotcha! Now rub it and it’ll smudge even more.”

Kausar: ” Maleeha!! you are supposed to be on my side.”

Me: “Sorry, not a chance, by the way you do know applying mhendi is sunnat.

Kausar: ” Don’t bring your stories here!”She exclaimed about to snatch the cone away from me.

Knowing what will happen once she gets the mhendi, I quickly walked back to the lady and handed her the mhendi cone. 

Smiling, as Kausar began complaining,  I led her to the bathroom knowing I was not going to hear the end of it.

  • It is Sunnah for women to apply Mhendi.
  • So called mhendhi nights have no basis in Islam.
  • There is nothing wrong with a bride putting mendhi but due to other haram acts that take place on these so call mendhi nights, ulama are totally against it.

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