15. In the blink of an eye

Farah: “Hey Maleeha, can I help you?”

Me: “Jee, please go in the kitchen and fetch more savouries, and when you done there’s mhendi cones in the freezer that needs to be taken out as these are almost finished.”

Right now, I myself was also busy carrying food stuff from the kitchen and refilling empty platters. Setting down the tray I heard Aziza complaining, “Do you know how long I’m sitting here? For the past 15 minutes y’all putting my mhendi and y’all are still not done, I have other things to do you know. Make it snappy.”

I wanted to scream at her, these people had been kind enough to put her mhendi, yet she has the audacity to tell them off for nothing! How on earth was she going to do anything with mhendi on her hands?

Making a mental note to go and apologise to them for her behaviour, I walked back into the kitchen, only to find myself surrounded by some more people needing help.

“Maleeha, there you are! Please show me how to switch this oven on.”

“Hey! Maleeha, please go and fetch me a platter to take out these things in.”

” Ohhh there you are, I need someone to help me with this tray.”

And then to top it all, Aziza calls! Sighing, I switched the oven on, fetched a platter from the cupboard, took the tray into the lounge and last of all went to attend to madam Aziza!

Aziza: “Maleeha! what took you so long? I am hungry and these people are taking soo long with my mhendi. Please bring me something to eat.”

Me: “Uhhh…….Aziza, I dont see how you are going to eat, because you have mhendi on both hands. You should have eaten before putting your mhendi.”

Aziza: ” Ughhh….Who cares, I wasn’t hungry at that time now please go and fetch for me. I want one of those samoosas that masi (mothers sister) brought and dadi’s savoury bun and any kind of dessert. Ohhhh and whatever else there is, that is nice and make sharp please.”

Me: “Uhhh….Aziza, you forgetting something, how are you going to eat?”

Aziza: ” Just send somebody to feed me.”

Me: “AZIZA…….Oh never mind!”

Rushing off to go and sort Aziza out, I began piling the plate with all sorts of things from the table, Until I heard an excited shout and a crash.

As the entire room felt silent, I took advantage of the moment and handed Aziza’s plate to the closest person before rushing out in search of Happiness, to clear up the glass.

Returning back to the room, Husna pulled me to one side asking if she could replace the bowl. Refusing her, I thanked her for creating a distraction for me and only then did I notice somebody standing next to her.

Me: “Who’s your friend? Is that Basheera?”

On seeing her nod her head I pulled her into a hug and said: “I’m so excited to finally meet you. Do you know how I’ve been dying to meet you ever since I heard about you? Come I’m sure Aziza will want to meet you too.”

Dragging her off to see Aziza, I studied her features. Immediately, I noticed the Habeeb feature’s in her. There was absolutely no doubt regarding it.

In a way I was happy that we had been reunited, but the fact still remained that Basheera did not know us. She still had a confused look on her face and so I decided that I would tell her the truth.

After she met Aziza I asked Husna to take Basheera to my room and said to Aziza: “Listen here, I’m sorry but we invited Basheera over so I’m gonna have to entertain her as well, so if you need anything call somebody else okay?”


Without waiting for an answer I turned and walked to my room. Time to catch up with a long lost cuzzie……..

  • We should try our utmost to assist others in whichever way that is possible, however whatever is done should be done out of the goodness of ones heart and not for show.
  • Many people get upset by the breaking of a glass, whether it be a cheap tumbler or an expensive platter, the breaking of a utensil is a sign that one has been saved from a calamity that was about to be inflicted upon one.

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