15. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

  •  اَلسَّلاَ مُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَا تُهُ . “May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.”  Try to be the first to greet everyone you see and don’t greet them like a robot but greet them while pondering over the meaning and actually meaning it too.

Saadiq stood rooted to his spot glancing between me and the door for a few moments. He then began walking backwards keeping his eyes trained on me,  probably to see if I was still there since I am apparently a Jinn.

Reaching the door he unlocked it and turned pale. He began pinching himself muttering, “Come on Saadiq this is a nightmare. Wake up!”

It was just too much, Layya and I began laughing our guts out.

Layya clearly wanted to give in but I determinedly pushed on. Finishing of with a determined chuckle I spoke, “This is not a nightmare. I have searched the universe and selected you.”

I was dying with laughter inside, nobody ever totally fell for my pranks before. While I was speaking and had Saadiq distracted, Layya had slowly backed out again.

Wanting to creep him out further, I stared deep into his eyes, pushing away the twinge of guilt that he was a strange boy, “Your eyes, oh my word your eyes,” I gasped out, “You have no idea what they do to me.” I stopped to take a deep breathe. I was quite literally dying inside. His fear-filled face was just too much.

“Where’s the other one gone?” He squeaked.

“Oh my darling, I want all your attention on me alone. Our rituals are going to happen soon so I called it back to me. Oh it’s going to be so special. Absolutely romantic.”

I know that Layya is going to kill me later for deviating from the plan but I can’t not seize this opportunity besides he’s the one who was screaming about jinns and stuff.

I pushed on,  “As for your physique it’s just perfect. I couldn’t have selected anyone better. You are my chosen. We shall make stunning, breathtaking kids together. Proper bluebloods they shall be.”

I carefully scanned his face. It was so fear-filled that it was ridiculous. There wasn’t even a hint of doubt on it. Not one to give up while I was still ahead I stalked up to him and put out my arms as if to hug him, “Come my darling, just one embrace then you shall be mine forever.”

I laughed evilly before lunging and grabbing onto him. He fought to break my grip, struggling hard and then ran like a mad man…..

Layya appeared again in the door way and Saadiq screamed as he suddenly halted and then took a u-turn. Turning around and catching sight of me, he began screaming even louder as he scanned the room looking for an escape. Finding none, he jumped on to the table!

Did he honestly think that jumping on a table is going to protect him from a Jinn?

Layya and I began laughing like dying whales. We laughed and laughed and laughed until I felt tears begin to form and couldn’t laugh anymore.

Finally pulling ourselves together, I questioned, “How are you so gullible dude?  Sorry to burst your nightmare bubble but we ain’t jinnaat.”

He stared at the two of us looking from me to Layya and back to me for about a minute before slowly and sheepishly jumping off the table.

“Y’all are twins.” He finally stated.

“We are..” Layya began. “way more than that.” I completed in a robotical voice.

“Trust me we…..” Layya began again.

“…Are your worst nightmare.” I slowly said trying to creep him out once again.

“We may not have as much….” Layya sighed

“…Power as jinnaat but….” I stared at Layya urging her to carry on.

“…We have a very great power called…”

“TELEPATHY!” I began laughing like a hyena again. The way he was looking at us as if unsure whether to believe us or not and really not wanting to make a fool of himself again was what set me of again.

“Haha. I’m not falling for anything else. I’ve been gullible enough today. There’s no such thing as telepathy. What have I ever done to deserve this. How on earth did y’all even come here. How… I’ve got a question,  please answer it. How did I become y’all’s victim? Wait! You mentioned Saadiqah? How do you know her? Oh no! It was all her right? I’m so going to kill her!  I can’t believe I feel for her tricks AGAIN! I can’t believe I was terrified of two little twits!”

“Layya, Layla, can we go now? Hey Saadiq! Why so rude? Stop calling them little twits. Only I’m allowed to call them that.”

We all jumped startled at Abbaas’s sudden appearance. Layya didn’t close the door behind her so we didn’t hear Abbaas coming in.

“Ok we done. Saadiq you better give my salaams to your sister or else I’ll set the Jinn on you again!” Layya winked at me making me feel rather smug.

“No!  Why should I convey peace to a child whose life mission seems to be ensuring that I have no peace!”

“大象爆炸式的拉肚子”  I muttered as I grabbed Layya’s hand and stormed of. Saadiq had no idea what I had just called him but Abbaas and Layya were very amused.

“I can’t believe you just called him The Explosive Diarrhea of an Elephant!” Layya giggled.

I smirked and then gasped as I realised something and the smile dropped from my face, “Layya! You forgot your niqaab! They going to kill us! I can’t believe that neither of us realised you left the house without your niqaab! We’ll have to try to sneak you in now. I really hope we don’t get in to trouble.”

  • The gaze is some thing that many of us fail to guard and fail to realise the drastic consequences of. It is the first of the steps of Zina. It is so bad that it has garnered the title, “An arrow from the arrows of Shaytaan.”
  • Salaam is something that is done so habitually without any thought or feelings. We need to try and ponder over and actually mean our salaam. You are making a dua for that person and not just saying some meaningless words.

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