12. Flawless Facade

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

  • Read Subhanallah 5 times or more

“This last week has been absolutely hectic. The amount of time wasted in preparing and attending my sister’s two hundred functions could have been used for something so much more beneficial and useful like making a khatm of Quran or…..”

Maleeha soon got over her disappointment and began regaling us with stories of this passed week, I on the other hand only half listened still wondering what she was blackmailed into promising not to tell me.

“….. And that bridal shower was the worst! I’ve always looked up to and admired my sister before but now I’m seeing a side to her that I absolutely detest. The term glorified beggar fits her so perfectly!”Husna and I began giggling at that questioning why.

She replied, “Well, madam went to Boardmans and since they offer a ‘registery’ she chose a whole lot of items that she liked, mind you not a single of which was under R500 claiming that nobody gives a bride something under that amount.

Now you can just imagine the pressure and financial difficulty placed on those of her friends who aren’t as rich and not to mention it was also a great burden to everyone to go out of their to get to that shop specifically and purchase those gifts that she had chosen. Do you know one of her best friends actually ducked it, playing sick because she couldn’t afford to buy any of the gifts Aziza had chosen. Aziza is so oblivious and stuck in her own world that she doesn’t even know that!”

I was about to voice my questions as I was so confused about everything that was going on that I was only half listening as my mind was still occupied with all my answered questions but….

“Maleeha, Maleeha, its your turn to put mhendi!” Someone called out and we all began heading downstairs.

I noticed Maleeha clinging rather tightly to the banister and I remembered the prank call. I realised that she must be still a little scared since her fall but was unsure what to do so I pretended not to notice though I did slow my pace down a bit as I was infront and didn’t want her to rush trying to keep up with me, not to mention I was feeling a little cautious too.

I also began reciting, “Subhanallah,” in a loud whisper hoping she would hear and read too. As I calmly and cautiously walked down those stairs, I was completely oblivious to how my whole life would be turned upside down in a few moments, as the facade shattered.

  • Time is very precious, don’t waste it.
  • Bridal showers are not allowed in Islam for multiple reasons the main of which is immitating the kuffaar, not to mention the other haraam acts that sometimes take place.
  • Gift registeries are not permissible. 

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