16. In the blink of an eye.


Who on earth was that on the phone? It sounded like the very same person who answered when I had tried to get hold of Basheera and why did it bother her that Basheera was at my house?

Just when I had planned to tell Basheera everything, a phone call had come, shattering my dreams of gaining my cousin back.

Yes, she may be here in body but she had absolutely no clue as to who we were.

This just wasn’t fair!!!

Holding the phone tightly, I walked to my room, with no option but to remain quiet.

Seeing both of them look at me enquiringly, I said to them:”I really, really wanted to tell you everything but I was just blackmailed into promising that I won’t tell you a single detail. I’m not someone who takes promises lightly because I’ve heard that breaking of promises is a sign of a hypocrite and no way on earth do I want to be classified amongst those despicable people who put my beloved prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم through such difficult times. What do I do now that I just promised that I won’t tell you a thing?”

Sighing, I sat down as Husna said: ” Hey your sister really had you stressed out, didn’t she?”

Groaning I said to her: “Don’t even get me started on that topic. I think I would have appreciated it more if Hamza didn’t reappear. What? Don’t look at me like that I’m absolutely serious. I would have been saved the trouble of being maid servant to bridezilla. Ok, ok don’t look so shocked I’m just so irritated at her behaviour these past few days. Its as if my sister is not my sister anymore.
This last week has been absolutely hectic. The amount of time wasted in preparing and attending my sisters two hundred functions could have been used to something so much more beneficial and useful like making a khatm of quran or even just reading Rabana hablana min azwajina wa zurriyatina….. That would have benefited her more in her married life than these functions.

I realised I was carrying on for myself but I was scared of awkward silences and both of them weren’t speaking much. 

“And that bridal shower was the worst! I’ve always looked up to and admired my sister before but now I’m seeing a side to her that I absolutely detest. The term glorified beggar fits her so perfectly!”

Husna and Basheera began giggling at that, questioning why.

I replied, “Well, madam went to Boardmans and since they offer a “registry” she chose a whole lot of items that she liked, mind you not a single of which was under R500 claiming that nobody gives a bride something under that amount.

Now you can just imagine the pressure and financial difficulty placed on those of her friends who aren’t as rich and not to mention it was also a great burden to everyone to go out of their way to get to that shop specifically and purchase those gifts that she had chosen. Do you know one of her best friends actually ducked it playing sick because she couldn’t afford to buy any of the gifts Aziza had chosen. Aziza is so oblivious and stuck in her own world that she doesn’t even know that!”

Hearing my name being called, both of them got up to go down with me. Standing at the top of the stairs I motioned both of them to go ahead of me not wanting them to see my fear.

Slowly going behind them I clung to the banisters afraid of falling again. Reaching the bottom I sighed with relief before heading over to see Aziza’s mhendi.

Sitting down besides her, as the lady took my hand and began applying mhendi, I noticed Basheera and Husna both close by also applying mhendi.

As Basheera and Aziza began chatting, my mind wandered back to the phone call. I had to find a way to tell Basheera, but how?

I was shaken out of my thoughts when I heard Aziza say to Basheera: “You know what the verdict is? It’s awesome to have a cousin like you……”

  • No matter what, never ever break a promise. None of us would like to be called classified as a hypocrite on the day of Qiyamah.
  •  Rabbana Hablana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a’ayun wa jalna lil mutaqeena imaama. This dua should not only be recited when getting married, rather we should try to read this dua after every sallah, because let face the facts, all of us want our family to be the coolness of our eyes. 

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