17.Typically Teen

Sameeha’s pov


I was sick! Sick of being bossed around! Sick of being watched! Sick of being told what to do! Sick of being treated horribly! But most of all, sick of looking at my family, sick of being with my family!

I needed a break! At first it had been okayy, but then the talks had started.

Who’ve you been with there?

Don’t you think you due to see the maulana again?

You should go to Apa while you here.

Did anything happen while you were there?

Like why on earth were they worried now? All that while I was away it was as if I wasn’t part of the family and when I come they don’t include me but then they ask all these questions as if they’re so worried!

Especially when they acted as if I was a two year old needing to know exactly where I was going! If I so as stood up to go to the bathroom they would ask. It irritated me because when I was sitting there they pretended I wasn’t, but when I got up they suddenly needed to ask a hundred questions.

Khadeejah wasnt always there, since she wasn’t on holiday, she was at madrasah the entire day meaning that I had no safe house to dissappear to, and that was why I found somewhere else.

As a kid my mother had always warned me against going to a certain part if the beach, saying that it wasn’t a good place. I hadn’t always listened but I hadnt frequented that place as much as I did the rest of the beach.

So when I went there on my visit, I had found that it was quite rocky. Finding a rock to lean against I had sat and watched the waves crashing on the shore.

Since I had lived in isipingo beach all my life I was quite attached to the ocean. I loved being there early in the morning, when it was still and quiet with only the sound of the waves and birds.

This area wasn’t completely deserted but neither was it very full,  it made no sense as to why my mother would tell me to not visit this place.  It seemed safe enough for a twenty year old. I studied the sea dubiously,  was there any reason for it?

I didn’t realize at this time but my mothers reason was totally right. But had I listened to her my life would not have been the way it became. Because as I stepped away from the rocks I was met with the sight of a bunch of guys,  they all wore the same kind of white clothes and each of them carried something in his hand which couldn’t be defined due to the falling dusk.

None of them looked at me,  each of thems gazes drawn to the object in their hand,  except for a low murmer their voices couldn’t be heard.

My heart racing,  I started to creep away when one of them looked up, I caught a glimpse of golden eyes before it was quickly lowered again.

A ripple suddenly seemed to move through them as they nudged each other, a few glancing up for a few seconds while others just smiled their teeth gleaming in the setting sun.

I watched on intrigued by this weird spectacle when suddenly one if them stepped forward. That was all I needed to be afraid once again. Stories that I’d been told of all the most gruesome things flew through my memory and turning I raced off, running as fast as I could, until I tripped…..


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