15. Picture Perfect

Walking into the police station, I suddenly found my bravado return as a police officer walked up to us. Greeting him I immediately launched into a long list of complaints.

Stopping to take a breath, I looked at matron and was surprised to see her looking at me with an amused smile on her face. Turning from her I looked at the officer and was stunned into silence as he said, “Is this the same girl you mentioned is staying with you ummi? Eish, I feel sorry for you, what you must be going through each day!”

I stared flabbergasted. Ummi?…Ummi?
Is Apa Aaisha his mother? How is that possible? But.. She’s so young. Or at least I thought she was.

I cringed. No wonder Apa Aaisha had not been worked up at the mention of going to the police station. And now I had just made a terrible fool of myself.

I felt my cheeks heating up. This was so embarrassing.

Still embarrassed, I scuffed my shoe in the sand and glanced at the officer and Apa Aaisha from the corner of my eye.

Maybe I was being cowardly but it was too awkward to stay there after finding out that I just made a fool of myself. I glanced over at the officer once more, still trying to wrap my head around it. Matron had a son?!!

Snippets of their conversation drifted over to me and that’s when I realised that she was reporting the drug incident.

I shivered. I still didn’t know what to think about that. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.
Date rape drug! I should be worked up and worried. But it was as if I didn’t believe it happened.

I quietly followed matron out when she was done and didn’t speak to her all the way home. I was so cross. She had no right to trick me like that!

Once back at Apa Aaisha’s house I stormed into my room, slamming the door behind me. Dropping backwards onto the bed, I stared at the ceiling. Life just wasn’t fair!

I suddenly felt rebellious, Who cares if this is not my house! Since I’m here I might as well explore the place. Getting up I walked out the room. Ok, so matrons house was quite small, and there was only one place which I had not seen.

Checking if matron was anywhere in sight, I headed to the one place which I had not seen, the attic. Chuckling, I whispered to myself: ” Time to have some fun.

*A womens voice is awrah, this means she should not let any male hear her voice, to such an extent that if she has to speak to a male out of neccessity she should speak briskly and to the point, she should not sweeten her tone when speaking.

*Always be sure of your information before jumping to conclusions. Sometimes jumping to conclusions cause a bigger problem then what the problem already is.


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