17. In the blink of an eye

“Aziza, do I have your consent to be a representitive on your behalf …….”
Tears rolling down her cheeks Aziza nodded before answering softly, “Yes,” Her voice got louder as she exclaimed, “YES!” once again making all those around her burst out into laughter. Exclaiming in embarrassment over what she had just done, she mumbled some incoherent words before rushing out of the room, making everybody laugh again.

That had been the Hamza’s uncle and grandfather who had come to ask Aziza. Apparently it was some memon tradition, where the grooms family would come to ask the bride for consent.

Following my sister into her room I watched her as she was assisted with her last minute touch ups. Untying her scarf she picked up her veil and smoothed it between her fingers before handing it over to be attached to her dress.
Getting up, she began walking out the room and waited at the top. grabbing my scarf, I quickly tied it. Then, rushing downstairs, I called my father who came with the cameraman. Aziza had decided that she needed her daddy to hand her over to her husband. Taking her hand, he began walking down the stairs to the flashing of the cameras.

I had not been very happy with the camera story, but Aziza insisted that no bride gets married without pictures for remembrance. I had tried to drill some sense into them but to no avail. Eventually, the least I could do was inform them politely but firmly that I would not allow any pictures to be taken of me as I had once heard a person say that angels do not enter the house in which there is pictures of animate objects.

So now staying a safe distance away, I followed after them as they once again entered the lounge and helped her to sit down.
As the words,  “Nikahtuha, wa Qabiltuha…..” filled the room,people immediately began standing up to congratulate Aziza.

Quickly making my way towards her I greeted her and then went to assist my mother who was handing out chocolate to the people as they were leaving. Finally greeting the last of the guest Aziza was led outside by my father, once again to the flashing of the cameras.

Once he reached the limosine which was hired to transport them to the reception, he stopped and lifting her veil, kissed her forehead before handing her over to her husband.

Hamza smiled as Aziza’s hand was placed into his and opened the door of the car, helped her settle into it before closing the door and driving off. Locking up the house we waited for our own transport to arrive.
Daddy had hired 15 limos, giving in to Aziza’s pleas. 1 for Azi and Hamza. 1 for us and 13 hummer limos for the rest of the guests.

Image result for limousine

I sighed. What was wrong with me? I should be happy with all of this. I should be happy for my SISTER! But while a small part of me felt a little like a princess, all pampered and steeped in luxury, I just didn’t feel even an iota of happiness. I glanced at my pretty dress and then at the limo and then at Mummy and Daddy coming down the porch, having finish locking up the house.

Why couldn’t Aziza’s wedding be like how Wardah, our neighbour’s was. When she got married, you could see how the whole family grew close together and bonded over the course of planning the wedding. But with Azi’s wedding, even though everyone was smiling and happy today, our lives had never been more tension-fraught and argument-filled than it had these past few months. Aziza and I had slowly grown further and further apart and she’d changed from the sister I loved and admired. All my life, I tried to be like her. She was my role model. But now… Not so much.

I stifled the urge to run back to my room and curl up in bed to cry my heart out. I didn’t feel like crying because Aziza was moving out. Rather, the fact that Aziza had changed so much almost beyond recognition, made my heart feel like it was being crushed into pieces and I had to hold back my tears…

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-Most people regard photography, painting, drawing and all other forms of picture making of animate objects as a light thing but this is exactly the trap shaytaan has laid. Through it he has even caused people to eventually land up in idol worship!

You will also be asked in Yaumul qiyamah to breathe life into that picture. Why put yourself into such a position over such a trivial thing?!

-Nikahs are supposed to be a simple joyous affair but instead it has turned into a lavish and boisterous affair that often leaves families fueding and many hears cracking.

Why? Because it’s not done according to Sunnah but against Sunnah so there is no barakah left


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