15. Flawless Facade

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

RandomMommyBrain here’s a nice long post for you but don’t get too used to it as I don’t know how long the next posts will be. 

  • The dua to read when meeting and congratulating the bride and bridegroom:
  • بَارَكَ اللَّهُ لَكَ وَبَارَكَ عَلَيْكُمَا وَجَمَعَ بَيْنَكُمَا فِي خَيْرٍ

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Everything still felt too surreal and dreamlike. ‘A sweet dream or a nightmare?’ my mind taunted…

Gosh, enough! I rebuked myself pushing away all these silly thoughts as I glanced out the window. I quickly began gathering my things as the limo pulled up at the ‘wedding destination’ and I very reluctantly began getting of the bus wondering if this was really the right destination. I know Durban people love their beaches but… there’s no wedding set up here. Just loads of people seemingly waiting for something.

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Spying Maleeha, I anxiously walked over to her and clutched hold of her arm demanding to know what was going on. She pointed to a ship on the sea saying, “See that ship over there, the one all decked out with lots of lights and decor, that’s where the wedding is taking place. Everyone just needs to be ferried across now.”

Lowering her voice she added, “Don’t tell anyone but I have a bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen. I mean this entire day has been too perfect so far that its too good to be true. I mean the sun is even shining! And there is a lovely breeze so it’s not too hot either. The sea is suprisingly very calm.

Aziza looks surreally beautiful in her wedding gown. Aunty Summayyah even phoned to speak to and assure Aziza that Hamza is fine and is not gone or kidnapped as she just saw him and his father of to the masjid, saving me from having to deal with a half breaking down Aziza.

Aziza is really happy.  I mean, I was crying like a baby while listening to the nikah but she was literally jumping for joy and guess what?! I haven’t  been asked to lift a finger even once today! Do you think this could be the calm before the storm?”

Maleeha finally paused for air and I responded, “Hey maybe you’re just being too negative. Maybe after the hectic week y’all had, all the hard work is paying off. Maybe you just need to be enjoying the moment instead of pessimistically awaiting a storm. You look so stunning by the way that I can’t even imagine what Aziza must be looking like. Come on let’s go, looks like almost everyone is gone across.”

Maleeha wrinkled her nose. “Well, her dress is extremely gorgeous and came with a not so gorgeous price tag too…and no, I want to wait and meet her first as soon as she arrives as I won’t get time properly on the ship and there’ll be so much of people always around there.

Everything’s already packed and gone. We’ll have bid her farewell on the ship as she and Hamza are starting their honeymoon there and joining the cruise to Italy. Do you know what that means? I won’t see my sister for over a month! The cruise itself is about 20 days and then they still staying over in Italy for another 10 days before flying back!”

I gasped. “So long?! And your time with her is practically finished already. Let’s wait then. Why don’t you complete telling me whatever y’all were trying to tell me yesterday in the meanwhile?”

Pulling out an envelope from her purse Maleeha handed it over to me. “Don’t open it until you get back home. Hey, look! Here comes the bride!

Image result for envelope Basheera

Maleeha rushed off to meet her sister and I tailed behind. I reached just in time to hear Aziza say, “Why aren’t the two of you gone already. Y’all can’t come with me. We already decided that I’m walking in alone. Just me and Hamza and no one else. Its my special day and I don’t need anyone else stealing my spotlight. Besides, I need lots of space with my dress. We don’t need it getting creased now. Maybe y’all can come with the food trailer.”

And with that the bride and groom departed leaving us feeling rather deflated and more than a little put off.

  • ‘You only get married once’ a phrase everyone throws about not even realising how silly they sound. ONCE?! For the sake of that one day they must hurt the feelings and break the hearts of multiple family members. For the sake of that ONE day they must forget all about their deen and adopt the ways of the Kuffaar. After many years of working hard and budgeting you must go bankrupt for the sake of that ONE day and for everyone to say ‘Wow!’, only for everyone to forget all about it ONE month later. Exactly! It is just ONE day. One day that you might even spend more than one year of your life regretting. Is that ONCE really worth it? What about the “..ever after.” have you prepared yourself to strive for that?

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