18. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

And this is the end of our Marathon. I hope y’all really enjoyed it and apologise for all the errors. It was a spur of the moment thing and we only had until midnight to accomplish it. What do y’all think of our Marathon? Please inform us of your thoughts.

In one fateful moment, the entire Ma Family’s lives were turned upside down. Even now, 3 years later, the horrendous impact still shows on the Ma Family like a terrible scar.

Baba is still suffering to come to terms with his loss. In a moment he had lost most of what he held dear to him.

If you look into his eyes, you will shiver at how lifeless and dead they appear. Currently living with no wife, no sister and no brother in law existing in his life anymore, he feels life isn’t worth living. The cards life has dealt are just too much for him. They are horrid enough to turn any human insane.

In fact, it was only his children that had him getting out of bed each day. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t even bother to shower daily, leave alone uphold a job and a household. But how could he enjoy his children without his beloved wife at his side. His heart burned with sorrow every time he looked at one of the twins, especially Layya. She was a walking portrait of her mother. The multiple years she had been forced to stay indoors with only her mother for company caused her to mirror her personality so greatly that it was eerie at times.

Oh how he missed his beloved wife. His only solace were the few moments of weakness in the depths of the night where he allowed himself to give in and succumb, walk to Mama’s cupboard where all her clothing still lay as he hadn’t the heart to give it away, and get her favourite mink blouse. Baba would sit for hours holding it to his nose and breathing in the remnants of her scent, until sleep overcame him or dawn broke and he was forced to let go of it once more.

From an outsiders point of view they fail to see the man struggling to hold it together, they fail to see the man grieving the loss of his partner, they fail to see the father wondering how is he going to manage to fill their mothers shoes as well and bring them up as good Muslim children, all they see is a robot.

Glancing into his eyes, it is scary how lifeless they are. He is like a robot who has the exact same routine everyday, a robot who despite meeting all the physical needs of his children is failing to meet their emotional ones, a robot who is working mechanically on batteries and whose heart seems to have been buried with his wife three years ago.


10 thoughts on “18. Forbidden!”

  1. Awww jazaakillah khayr to all the authors to remove your time and write.with all beautiful lessons.. . Was worth it……
    Looking fwd to another marathon 🌷.. 🙂

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