19. In the blink of an eye.

Still sitting at the table, I surveyed the remains of the salad.  Looks like everybody had enjoyed it, despite what had happened.

I KNEW that this day had been going far too smoothly, so much for keeping my hopes up high. Aziza had been very happy since we had reached here, but I knew that this was the calm before the storm as I had just realised what had been stolen from the food trailer

I hoped Aziza would not make too much of a fuss, but judging from her behavior the last few days, I knew we were in for some serious tantrums.

Getting up slowly as Aziza beckoned me towards her, I made my way across the hall, deliberately stopping to greet random people in order to delay time. But, like always, sometimes the only thing we can do, is face the music and brace yourself in order for the storm to pass and so I took a deep breath and walked towards Aziza.

“Where is the cake, Maleeha?” Aziza questioned in a frantic voice.

“It has been stolen.” I bluntly said, knowing there was no way out. I so did not expect what happened next. My eardrums nearly exploded as Aziza gave a sharp, shrill scream!

As if that wasn’t enough, once she had the attention of the entire hall in a voice that could freeze fire she coldly said, “USELESS DONKEY!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAKE??????? COULDN’T YOU TRANSPORT ONE SMALL CAKE ACCROSS???? I KNEW THAT YOU ARE OUT TO RUIN MY WEDDING!!!!!! PLEASE GET OUT!!!!!!, I CANT BEAR THE SIGHT OF YOU ANY MORE!!!!!!!”

I felt my face go red and my eyes begin to burn as everyone stared at me. I turned and fled. I ran as fast as my feet would carry me and found myself on another part of the humongous ship that I hadn’t seen before. I came across a pool and sat down on one of the loungers to sulk.

“How could she? After everything I’ve done for her, everything which I had taken the pain to perfect!. Every night I sat up late just so her wedding plans could go well. Every time I bit back a retort when her sharp words pierced through me? How could she????……………………….” I found myself screaming to nobody in particular.

Ignoring the weird stares which was coming from every direction I finally pulled myself together and got up to head back hoping everything was already over. I had barely taken 2 steps when WHOOSHH!!!!!!! I, found myself soaked from head to toe. Now the tears couldn’t be held back anymore. Seeing Owen giving me an apologetic look, I gave him a hard slap refusing to listen to his protests and excuses wishing that this nightmarish day would end……


6 thoughts on “19. In the blink of an eye.”

  1. My heart truly breaks for Maleeha…..I’ve never experienced something like this….however I felt every emotion of Maleehas……I was nearly in tears…..well written Masha Allah🌟✨💫👌👏👍😘💞

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    1. while this is fiction….. I have heard of cases like this where families are fighting and breaking each others hearts and trust over petty issues and emotions are really high strung at wedding times………. though I admit I also felt like teaching Aziza a lesson or two about her behaviour……..


  2. Yeah this is actually a common thing, where extravagant weddings and all the sin involved pushes families apart. I think it’s partially because of stress and just the pressure of society and wanting to be the better than others that makes one behave in such a childish manner. This is why, no doubt, there is haq in the ways and teachings of our Nabi (s.a.w). May Allah grant us all taufeeq to do what is right and remain on the straight path. Aameen. Lovely post, sister. ❤


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    1. 100% correct, nikaah is also supposed to be simple, completing half of our imaan, but nowadays with pressure of wanting to be better, to be recognised in society, people fall into this trap and incur lots of debts. may allah help us to follow the sunnah of nabi (s.a.w).
      Ameen and Jazakallaah

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  3. Unfortunately this is what is happening everywhere nowadays and people do not realise the sin falling upon our heads. Imagine a newly married couple starting their life in fitnah. May Allah protect us from from such fitnah


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