19. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم


Mamas passing hit the children like a bomb explosion. They never expected to lose their mother so young and on top of that have their aunt and uncle walk out on them leaving only their father as an adult figure, a father that was suffering a deep depression. A father that could not help his children in coming to terms with their loss, failing to come to terms with it himself.

These poor children are still suffering the after effects of this bomb explosion with bleeding hearts that they have no idea how to heal. Whoever said time heals all wounds has certainly not suffered deep emotional pain. While physical scars may heal easily, emotional scars are very seldom completely healed. The only reason they appear this way is, it’s often patched up with a band aid. A band aid that if ripped off will reveal such painful scars it will scare you. Each and every child here is suffering in their own way fighting a battle that can make the most war hardened of men cry like little babies.

Abbaas, the quiet brooding dude:  Uh uh. I’m not just talking about a quite dude, I’m talking about a tortoise that has that had disappeared into his shell and absolutely refuses to come out. He’s hiding from the world under the cover of ‘ the bad boy ‘
His speech has become non existant and his expression is a permanent scowl. Anyone who tries to speak to him is given a hard stare that says, ‘Do you want me to bust you up?’He has also taken up the terrible habit of smoking. To complete his bad boy attire, you will never ever see him without his black leather jacket.

He has absolutely no friends. His friends one by one deserted him not really liking the person he had become and instantly Abbaas became a loner.

‘Boring retard, Emo geek, mute mule,’ to mention a few of the nicknames he has acquired or if you amongst the gushing, crushing fan-girls then you probably now know him as, ‘the brooding bachelor, the hot bad boy or the cute silent scholar.

I’ll let you in on a secret though. A secret that I’m amazed nobody has realised, a secret sweet enough to make you cry. The secret that you will only find once you dig deeper into Abbaas’s life. You will find your heart bursting with sorrow for this poor grieving child and will come to realise that Abbaas is actually the most marshmallow hearted of the lot. His way of dealing with his mother’s demise is extremely unique.

His mother’s demise shook him the most, emotionally. A true mama’s boy at heart. All he ever did was in an effort to revive her memories, follow her teachings and ensure that she was never forgotten from his heart for a moment.

Silence he adopted because his Mama had once taught him that the prophet said something to the effect,  “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent…” Abbaas does speak but very rarely that some honestly consider him to be mute.

The last gift his mother ever gave him he takes care of like gold. She had given it to him as an Eid present and he absolutely loves it. He feels closest to Mama when he wears it knowing that her very hands had touched it as she lovingly wrapped and gifted it to him for Eid. It holds a very, very dear place in his heart.

The weird looks he gained and the reputation he earned through wearing it to school daily didn’t bother him at all. All he cared was that it felt like mama’s loving embrace that he missed very very much. I’m sure you’ve guessed it. Yes, it is his favourite leather jacket.

Abbaas knew smoking was wrong and it was something his mother would have disapproved of but it was the one thing he felt he needed. It was his way of letting off steam and de-stressing. It was also protecting him from something worse he reasoned. It was a far better option than beating someone up or resorting to drugs.

A scholar Abbaas certainly is. He was always an intelligent young boy and a determined hard working youth. Actually, right at this moment he is currently deep in his studies. This is his final year and he is determined to gain marks that would’ve made his Mama proud.

While Abbaas is studying hard, poring over his text-books, his brother on the other hand is currently sipping tea and munching on samoosas with Uncle Babu.


5 thoughts on “19. Forbidden!”

  1. Sad that mama is no more……wonder what happened to mama…..who’s uncle Babu….and where’s Layya…….so many unanswered questions….. Hope they answered soon😉

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    1. 💧really sad hmm.
      Will explain whose uncle Babu in the next post
      Layya is still in China
      Lol. I think I answered half already and for the other half you’ll just have to wait n see

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      1. Lol….I know layya is in China…..I meant haven’t heard from her in a long time….🙈🙈🙈…..anyways…..I’ll be waiting patiently for the next post😉😉😉

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