19. Typically Teen

“huh? Earth to Saadiqah,what the hell? You feeling okay? “

Whoops I seemed to have actually thought that louder than I intended.

I laughed out loud,”did you see the article? it was hilarious.”

Zuleikha shrugged, “I wasnt bothered coz that guys an idiot.”

I laughed again, “I wouldn’t have, but mère sent it to me, so I just had to.”

“Do you know he missed school coz of you?”
I blinked in suprise,”why?”
“Allah knows.” she shrugged,” when someone asked him he shrugged and muttered ‘that twit’ under his breath.”
I gave her an amused look. “Twit?”
Before she could answer,a voice bellowed my name, “That’d be uncle Ridwaan.” I stood up.
“So you’re sure you coming?” she asked as I left her room.
“Absolutely.” I yelled back.

Zuleikha and Aadila had begged me to join them for some get together at someones house, and I had agreed to go, Because I seriously felt like this was a once in a lifetime chance. Okay maybe I’m exagerating but the time seemed perfect since mère and père weren’t around.
I wasn’t even sure where this party was or what was even happening there, but I was going.
I felt butterflies in my tummy as I wondered what was going to happen later that evening.
I took several deep breaths as I searched through my cupboard for a suitable abaya to wear.
Fireworks were going out in my head and I felt that something was wrong, but I pushed those feelings aside. I was just going out to have some fun.
Outside Uncle Ridwaan tooted the horn imaptiently and I grabbed my abaya quickly racing down the stairs, the excitement fizzing in me.
Yes! I was most definitely going!

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