18. Flawless Facade.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

I’m so sorry but I’m really really busy at the moment and the next few months are just going to get even more hectic. When it rains it truly pours! I’m not going to manage to post very often so please bear with me. Here’s a nice long post, finally reaching the climax of the story:

​The paper wasn’t too bad despite not having time to study too well’, I thought flinging myself onto my bed. I buried my head into my pillow exhaling deeply.

My mind began drifting back to the wedding. Woah, that was one hectic wedding! I still can’t believe the nerve of Aziza, I mean it’s her own sister! That was one eventful wedding that I will never forget!

Talking of the Habeebs….I quickly jumped up and began rifling through my stuff in search of something.

“Hah! Here’s it!  The letter Maleeha gave me.” I carefully opened the envelope taking care not to tear it. The letter enclosed within shocked me to my core and had me questioning my very existence. Could it really be true?

“Dear Basheera. This is not going to be an easy news to take in. I am warning you that you are in for a shock. I can’t believe we’ve been duped all our life.

Yes,  it was a shock to me as well. It was hard for me to accept. Yet, I found it almost impossible to contact you, until I met husna, again.  Sorry, I’ll get to the point but I’m warning you it’s going to be a very bitter pill to swallow. If I did not overhear that conversation, we wouldn’t have met ever.

Well, soo I guess u maybe wondering what exactly is the story. Welll…… This is kinda hard to just pen down. Its seems kinda heartless to just pen it like this where there’s no one there to be there for you,  to offer you a hug and to help you overcome the shock but I am left with no option.

You are my cousin. First cousin to be exact. Your mother and my father were brother and sister. No, not your current mum, your current mum is truly an orphan but your real mum, your blood mum, your father’s first wife was my father’s sister. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and absolutely refused to go for dialysis. Shortly after her diagnosis she went for Umrah with Dada and passed away in Madinah.

Six months later your father remarried and about a year later y’all moved to Burgville. I myself only came to know of this only this year so I know how hard it is to take in and come to terms with the fact that half your life was practically a lie. My duas are with you

Maleeha 💜

I felt a little dazed. Is this a nightmare?  Pinching myself I let out a little squeek realising that I was truly awake. Looking towards my hands I saw my fingers fidgeting with the letter I had just read so there was no possible way I imagined the letter.

What..Could it… Was it… Would mummy and daddy really do this to me?

My heart began beating erratically. Is this really true? Have I been so gullible my whole life? 

I blinked hard resisting the urge to cry. It was hard to imagine that the same parents who I loved and admired all my life would stoop so low as to decieve me with regards to my family.

I felt cheated! My whole life… My whole identity! Disoriented, I shook my head. I feel lost beyond measure.

Family was something I always felt comfortable and confident with. They were my security blanket and my whole confidence was based on them. And to find out that I was duped me whole life… That mummy wasn’t actually my real… Is all of this even true? How do I know that Maleeha is even speaking the truth? I mean how do I trust a total stranger to reveal to me the story of my life?  How do I trust someone I know for only a few days over someone I know my entire life. How do I know that this is not a ploy to get back at me for that prank call?

“Maleeha is a liar and imposter!”  I yelled trying to convince myself but my heart knew that there was definitely some truth to this.

My head began pounding as a whole new can of worms had opened. What do I do? Who do I turn to? Who can I even trust? How do I know what’s true and what’s not?

“Ya Allah! Help me!” I sobbed feeling extremely lost. More lost than a baby is without its mummy. “Ya Allah! Help me!”

  • Why do we only remember Allah when we need him and have no where else to turn to but completely forget him when things are rosy and times are easy? Wouldn’t we despise a person who only knows us when they need us but forgets about us the rest of the time?  Why then do we do the same to our beloved Allah? 

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