20. Forbidden!

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم


‘Huh? Uncle Babu? Which Uncle Babu? Do you think it’s Aunty Shenaaz’s Babu? But there’s absolutely no connection. It doesn’t make sense. Uncle Babu is a South African Indian and Dihya is Chinese. There’s no connection. So who can it be then?’ are thoughts I’m sure are tumbling through everyone’s minds.

Uncle Babu got here in time to save Dihya from falling. Well, falling more than he already had. By the time Uncle Babu got to Dihya, Dihya had already become a drop out!  He dropped out of school claiming he has no need for it. No amount of scolding and pestering from Uncle Babu could get him to change his mind. “It’s just a waste of time.” He declared.

Seeing that his mind was made up, Uncle Babu changed his ploy. He took Dihya under his wing and personally started him off on a hifz journey of Al-Quran. Dihya silently idolises Uncle Babu to the extent that he takes him as his role model but has vowed to never be as naive and unobservant as Uncle Babu. He also vowed that he would never allow his wife to have him wrapped around her little pinkie the way Uncle Babu is wrapped around Aunty Shenaaz’s. In fact if he has it his way, it would be the opposite way round.

Contrary to what everyone thinks. ‘A drop out? Dihya is spiraling out of control!’ Dihya is actually coping the best of the lot. He has had Uncle Babu there for him every step of the way, helping him come to terms with his loss and aiding him in every battle faced. Uncle Babu’s private tutoring to Dihya entailed the skills of  fighting with Quran and Sunnah as  weapons. “With these two weapons you will always be victorious.”  Uncle Babu claimed.

One advice of Uncle Babu’s that Dihya kept close to heart and always repeated to himself when times got tough was, “Taqdeer, my boy, taqdeer. Forget could have’s and focus on will do’s. Never forget Allah is always there for you.”

Dihya is coping the best of the lot, it has taken time but he has finally come to terms with everything and has accepted that it was the decree of Allah. For some reason it has never crossed his mind to to try and help his family overcome their battles too. Since the tragedy had struck, each family member sank into their own world oblivious to the pain that the others faced. Nobody even realised that he dropped out or even that he had begun hifz except little Layya, and that too only after some while.

  • With Quran and Sunnah as your weapons to fight every battle you will always be victorious.
  • Taqdeer (destiny/fate) has already been decreed by Allah and no one can change it.
  • ‘Forget could haves.’ Nobody can change the past so don’t waste time over ‘could have’s’ and ‘if only’s’
  • ‘Focus on will do’s’ While you cannot change the past, the future is something that you can still be prepare for. 
  • Never ever forget Allah. Allah is always there for us no matter what situation or circumstance. We simply need to turn to him in Salaah and Dua.

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